Чем полезна валериана. Применение валерианы.

Чем полезна валериана. Применение валерианы.

Растение валериана используется врачевателями с древних времен: упоминание о нем имеется у Плиния Старшего, Диоскорида, в средневековом Салернском кодексе здоровья (Regimen sanitatis Salernitanum), в общеупотребительных лечебниках разных стран мира. Корень валерианы применялся при самых разных недугах — и от болезни желудка, и от эпилепсии, и для профилактики инфекционных болезней, и как мочегонное. В настоящее время валерьянку принимают как мягкое успокаивающее средство, обладающее...
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Эфирное масло Kräuteröl 111

Эфирное масло Kräuteröl 111 от доктора Sacher.

Эфирное масло – содержимое всех видов растительного мира, образующееся в клетках растений под воздействием солнечных лучей. Оно является жизненной силой и источником энергии растений. Эфирные масла расположены в цветах, корнях, листьях, плодах, коре, стеблях - во всех частях растений. В состав масел входят: терпены, кетоны, эфиры, фенолы альдегидов и др....
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Besides its aroma and taste, this popular culinary herb has a great many health benefits. Perhaps, you didn't even know about them!
  1. Basil raises the overall tone of our organism. That is so important for us in autumn and winter, when we often have melancholy mood and fall asleep on our feet.
  1. This herb helps to...
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Many of us are familiar with the situation when it’s impossible to focus on something, you're tired, but can not sleep, you feel headache and tension in the eye area. Hypnotics and sedatives - not the best way to relax, because constant use of them can harm the body. In order to avoid stressful situations,...
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Jerusalem artichoke - delicious and healthy root, which is unfairly deprived of our attention. Jerusalem artichoke is rich in carbohydrates, it contains about 77% of inulin carbohydrate, which is transferred in fructose while storage, that makes the root sweetish. Jerusalem artichoke - a great source of vitamins and minerals. It has a lot of Vitamin C, a...
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There is a fruit that cures cancer and its effect is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. The major manufacturers of medicines do not want us to know this, because there will be no sence in their products. Guanabana or graviola fruit is a miracle product that kills cancer cells. Now you can help people, suffering from...
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Artichoke extract enhances the production of bile. Bile is necessary for lipolysis and protection the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps to remove toxins. Furthermore, artichoke helps to reduce cholesterol. Usually, for controlling cholesterol, special drugs, statins, are prescribed. Artichoke has similar properties, it helps to break down cholesterol to bile salts. The production...
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Asparagus is a delicious, low-calorie and easily digestible vegetable. Since ancient times people knew about useful properties of asparagus and used it to treat many diseases. Asparagus helps with the following diseases:
  1.  respiratory diseases;
  2.  skin problems;
  3.  metabolic disorders;
  4.  diseases of the urinary system;
  5.  kidney diseases;
  6.  hypertension;
  7.  swelling;
  8.  back pain.
Today asparagus takes a leading place among all vegetables, because of its beneficial properties. Asparagus contains...
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Feijoa is still considered as an exotic fruit, although it is successfully cultivated on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and the Crimea. Feijoa is so valuable due to the large amounts of iodine that it contains. Speaking about the quantity of this element, the feijoa may be compared only with laminaria. The fruit also...
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