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Benefits of a Poplar Tree.

Benefits of a Poplar Tree.

Poplar is an amazing tree. Let’s recall that bees produce propolis mostly from gluten of poplar buds. Propolis serves an excellent remedy for many diseases and inflammation. The ancient Greeks were very fond of poplar. This tree creates a feeling of freshness and fills the air with a wonderful aroma. To get rid of the problems connected with a poplar fluff the ancient Greeks cultivated only male poplar trees. Environmentalists claim that the quantity of oxygen one poplar tree produces equals to allocation of seven spruces or three lindens. That’s why it is highly recommended to grow poplar trees close to homes. 

Poplar Buds Decoction

Pour 1 tablespoon of buds with a glass of boiling water. Inhale the steam for 5 minutes during boiling. Take 1/3 cup of decoction 3 times a day before meals. If you suffer from acne you can irrigate the skin with this decoction few times a day.

The first sign that poplar buds can be collected is when they start to swell and become sticky. Dried poplar buds keep their pleasant aroma and produce phytoncides*. You can use them to treat colds, flu and for prophylactic purposes.

*Phytoncides are antimicrobial allelochemic volatile organic compounds derived from plants. The word, which means “exterminated by the plant”, was coined in 1928 by Dr. Boris P. Tokin, a Russian biochemist from Leningrad University. (Wikipedia)