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We use carrots almost every day and not everyone is aware of its amazing benefits and useful properties. The carrot root is rich in a huge amount of important elements including vitamin A, essential oils, В vitamins, glucose, starch, pectin, fiber, lecithin, mineral salts, carotene and other vitamins. Remember, that carotene and vitamin A are better absorbed with fats. Just add a small amount of sour cream or vegetable oil to a salad or other dishes containing vitamin A or beta-carotene.


1) If you care about your appearance and health, carrot juice is vital for you. Carrot juice is a wonderful source of beta-carotene. This element improves the condition and color of the skin, strengthens hair and gives it vitality, has a beneficial effect on nails.

2) A glass of carrot juice a day will significantly strengthen your immune system. You will not only forget about the cold and everything connected to it, this beneficial drink can also decrease the chance of  you getting barley and herpes.

3) For all those who are suffering from loss of appetite, carrot juice is a real finding. For example properties of carrot juice will be very useful to a child who does not want to eat.

4) The amount and variety of carrot juice benefits enrich the human body with energy and resilience. Take the juice regularly and it will help you get rid of fatigue and nervous exhaustion forever.