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The most useful parts of the tomato are its seeds and substance, which envelop the seeds. Those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases need to eat tomatoes daily. Seeds and their enveloping substance prevent thrombosis, thinning the blood and preventing its clotting.

Assuming that the skin of tomatoes is not digested properly, many people prefer to eat tomatoes without it. But, in fact, this peel helps the body, stimulating the whole gastrointestinal tract. Accordingly, if people suffering from constipation eat tomatoes with skin regularly, they will soon forget about their illness.


Tomatoes contain very important and useful for our body antioxidant lycopene, which is an excellent cancer preventer. Lycopene is better absorbed when tomatoes undergo heat treatment, so the tomato juice has a positive effect on our body. And even ketchup sauce is considered to be useful if it is made from natural tomato paste. To verify that the manufacturers do not cheat, advertising the natural composition of their product, just drip into the sauce a few drops of iodine. If iodine changes its color into blue, ketchup isn’t natural.


Tomatoes are widely used in cosmetics. Tomatoes will help people with problem, oily skin and bad complexion. Even cutting a tomato into two parts, and applying both halves on the problem skin, you can clean the skin in a short time. Also masks of tomatoes with milk, oatmeal, lemon are useful. But every skin type needs its own, special recipe.