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Is Jam a Healthy food? What kind of Jams are good for you?


According to Swedish scientists, people who live in big cities and in areas with unfavorable environment, are highly recommended to feast on jam, instead of cakes or sweets. Experts are convinced that all kinds of jams are useful.

Jam is rich in pectin – substance that is contained in fresh and processed fruits, it is good for the body because it binds and removes harmful chemicals from our body. If you replace the harmful sweets with jam, you will not only be slimmer, but will also significantly improve your health. The following jams are especially useful during cold seasons, when infections can easily affect our immune system.


Sea buckthorn retains vitamin C, even when heated. This berry jam is a wonderful natural antioxidant, because it is rich in vitamin C. In addition, sea buckthorn berries contain phytoncides, which play the role of natural antibiotics that fight with reproduction of pathogenic microbes in the body.


Cranberry jam is helpful for people with a weak stomach, heart problems and irregular diet. Cranberry contains special molecules that reduce blood pressure, lowers cholesterol level and prevents stomach ulcers.


Chokeberry jam successfully helps with rapid changes of arterial pressure, quickly relieves mental and physical stress.


Plum is one of the few fruits which retain nutrients after processing. It is especially useful for those who suffer from vascular problems: its fruit rich in vitamin K, which prevents and fights against thrombosis, and vitamin P, that strengthens blood vessels.