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Swedish bitters is a multifunctional and effective remedy, that was used since the 18th century. This herbal tonic gain it’s popularity due to its natural and unique ingredients and wide range of usage in traditional medicine – it’s effective in the treatment of about 40 health conditions. You can read more about the benefits of Swedish Bitters here.

Having discovered this remedy for yourself and reading about its wonderful healing properties, you may have a desire to know where to buy Swedish Bitters and important things to consider before you buy it. Let us give you some important points that will help you make a proper decision. First and most important thing to look for is the quality, volume and price of the product. Because Swedish Bitters is a very popular remedy, you can find and order Swedish Bitters for your family in almost any country. What you need to know is that, although most brands and manufacturers carry the same name of SWEDISH BITTERS for their remedy mixes, there are different manufacturers, herbs ingredients, herbs quantities, remedies and uses of Swedish Bitters, please click here to read more about it.


1. Find out the information about the manufacturer. Most original Swedish Bitters are produced and imported from Austria and Germany. For example, most herbs for our Swedish Bitters from Stefan Zwerenz are grown in Austria and packaged and imported from Germany.

2. Another thing to consider is packaging. It’s very important when packaging is airtight. It helps to keep quality of the Swedish Bitters herbs while shipping and storing. 

3. Pay attention to the number of ingredients. There are so called “Big” Swedish Bitters that consist of 22 ingredients, and “Small” Swedish Bitters that consist from 11 to 16 (or less) ingredients. Most companies sell “Small” Swedish Bitters because it’s cheaper to produce them. Sometimes so called “Little Swedish Bitters” have 11 or even less number of ingredients. Our Swedish Bitters has 22 ingredients of the best quality.

4. Price. It’s very comfortable to buy Big Swedish Bitters (22 ingredients) instead of those, which contain 11 or less herbal components. You save money, get more ingredients and accordingly more benefits.

As you see, it’s better to to devote your time and make a little research before making such a purchase. Good luck!

*****$21.99Great Swedish Bitters – 22 Ingredients