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Almond oil is obtained by pressing bitter and sweet seeds of common almond. It is a clear liquid that has a slightly yellowish tint, pleasant taste and absolutely no smell. Almond oil has a very high concentration of linoleic acid glyceride, triolein, tokosterol, amygdalin and phytosterols. It also contains vitamin E, which slows down the aging of cells, reduces skin  inflammation; vitamin F, which helps to get rid of enlarged pores, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, retains elasticity and shine of hair and promotes its growth.


Almond oil is considered to be one of the most powerful natural remedies that strengthens hair and stimulates its growth. It also nourishes hair, increasing its elasticity, flexibility and shine.


As you know, our eyelashes also need care. In order to make them thicker and softer, it’s very useful to nourish them with different oils. Almond oil is the perfect one. It prevents the loss of eyelashes and stimulates their growth.


It can be used for care of all skin types. This oil is widely used in cosmetics and in dermatology. Almond oil is non-allergenic and does not irritate the skin. Furthermore, almond oil has strong sedative, regenerative and anti-aging properties. Due to these properties, almond oil regulates water and lipid balance of the skin, eliminates skin inflammation, slows the aging of cells and activates the process of regeneration. It eliminates herpes, dermatitis and eczema.

Moreover, almond oil is often used for massage. Sometimes it can be used in combination with other oils for prevention and removing cellulite, as almond oil penetrates deep into layers of the skin, stimulates lymph and blood circulation.

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