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This cheap remedy will help to get rid of skin problems and lose weight. Surprisingly universal thing – potato juice. And no matter what kind of potato you use – new or old. Its magical properties still the same.


You will need raw potatoes and juicer. Start with selecting of tubers. Take potatoes with the “eyes” or fresh sprouts, it contains live enzymes. Tubers should be solid, with no black or green spots (they are toxic). Fresh potato has high nutrient content. As for the potato variety, it is assumed that red potato has fewer pesticides and more nutrients.

Squeeze out the juice using potatoes with the skin, because the peel contains most of the nutrients. At the bottom of the glass with the juice, you will see a lot of white starch. It does not have great nutritional value for us, so do not use it.


Raw potato juice stimulates the digestive system, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It also is an alkaline product which helps to rebalance the pH in the body. The benefits of potato juice are known to those who suffer from stomach ulcers and liver disease. They use this drink to cleanse the liver and to prevent constipation.

A slimming effect of potato juice is noticed many nutritionists. They use it to strengthen digestion and replenish the supply of “friendly” bacteria in the colon.


→ Drink 100-150 g of juice every morning, at least 30 minutes before breakfast.

→ Drink only fresh juice.

→ To improve the taste quality of the potato juice add a little bit of carrot or lemon juice. But do not add sugar or salt!

→ Drink 100-150 g of juice 30 minutes before lunch.

Repeat potato detox daily for 2 weeks. If you like the results, you can repeat this diet, but only in a week.