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If the body is dehydrated, brain vessels suffer in the first place. In summer, a glass of water with salt can help with headaches, of course if the reason of your headache is not serious. So, if you suddenly have a headache, prepare a salt solution urgently.

We shouldn’t mess with headaches! Using this simple method of treatment, you can not only get rid of a headache, this compression can also normalize blood pressure.

The first step is to prepare the bandage, folded in 8 layers (bandage width should match the height of the forehead, the length of bandage – the circumference of the head).

Then heat 250 ml of water to a temperature of 60-70 C and dissolve therein 2 tsp of salt. The result is 8% saline. Quickly wash with warm water your forehead, ears, neck; soak gauze bandage in a hot solution; squeeze it; shake the bandage well to cool it slightly, and then apply it to your head, covering the forehead, ears and neck. Fix it with a cotton scarf. Then you can lie down. You will feel relieve after a few minutes, but do not rush to remove the bandage. After removing it, wash the head with warm water again.

Try this recipe and you will forget about headaches!