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Kidneys play a huge and very important role in our body. They perform filtering function and clean our body from all the wastes that get into the blood from food. That’s why it’s so important to keep our kidneys in good condition. Here are some products that will help your kidneys stay clean and healthy.


The name of the plant comes  from Spanish and means “stonebreaker”.

For centuries, people of South Africa have been using this plant as an effective remedy that helps to get rid of gallstones, kidney and liver stones, as well as for the treatment of hydrocephalus, infections of the urinary tract. Chanca Piedra also has diuretic and antispasmodic properties.


American Indian tribes had been using goldenrod for the treatment of urinary tract diseases for a long time. Studies have shown that this herb has healing properties, is able to help with cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, diseases of the kidneys and bladder.


The root of hydrangea was very popular among American Indians and first settlers of the USA. They actively used hydrangea root to maintain health of the kidneys and bladder. This plant acts as a “solvent” of kidney stones. In addition, hydrangea root helps the body to absorb calcium properly, thus preventing the formation of new stones.


Roots and seeds of the celery are used for centuries as a natural diuretic. This herb helps the body to get rid of toxic substances that go along with the urine. Furthermore, celery contains nutrients such as potassium and sodium.


The root of this plant has long been known as an effective remedy for the prevention of kidney stones and as a diuretic agent. Eupatorium root contains special substances that help to clean the body from harmful toxins. It also may be used to prevent infections.


Useful properties of bearberry (or bearberries) have been known in many cultures for a long time. It is used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the urinary system, for removing stones and sand, renal purification.


Marshmallow root has been known as an excellent soothing and mild diuretic remedy for many years, it has a beneficial effect on the tissue of the urinary tract. Studies have confirmed that this plant has an enveloping effect on the mucous membrane, soothing pain and alleviating inflammation.


Dandelion root has been successfully used in folk medicine for the treatment of liver, bladder, kidney and gall bladder diseases.


This popular culinary herb is an effective herbal remedy. Its diuretic properties make it possible to clean the kidneys and the urinary tract from harmful substances.

We hope these simple recommendations will be helpful!