Since ancient times useful properties of pumpkin were known to people. Primarily, it is extremely beneficial for the liver. It is because of a specific chemical composition of this vegetable. It contains the following nutrients: water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, several vitamins (vitamin A, Group B and others), cellulose, etc.

Pumpkin can restore the metabolism disturbance of liver cells (hepatocytes), their damaged structure. The main advantage of pumpkin is that it restores the cell membrane of hepatocytes. It prevents death of these cells, particularly when suffering from hepatitis, diseases of the biliary system, etc. The proper functioning of the liver is very important for the human body. Liver performs the detoxification function; it synthesizes proteins and is involved in the formation of certain clotting factors and transport proteins, which are necessary to transfer the hormones with blood.

Therefore, the development of liver failure affects the whole body. In particular the central nervous system. Liver failure causes increased bleeding, swelling and other symptoms. Therefore it is better to prevent the development of these pathological processes by keeping the normal functioning of the liver.


Regular consumption of pumpkin is a kind of help for a sick liver. There are several ways of cleansing the liver with the help of this vegetable. It may be: eating pumpkin seeds; pumpkin with honey; drinking pumpkin juice (only fresh).


To cleanse the liver with pumpkin seeds, you have to prepare them in a certain way. Pour grinded seeds with boiled water, cooled to a temperature of 60◦. Live them in a cool place for a week. Drink 1 tbsp. on an empty stomach before meals. The duration of such treatment should be for about 1 month.


Cut the top of the pumpkin and remove all the pulp. Fill it with honey. Wrap up the pumpkin (also use its top), and put it in a warm place for ten days. After that it is ready for use. Honey is also used for the treatment of duodenal ulcer. Store it in the refrigerator. Take a tablespoon of honey three times a day for three weeks.


A glass of fresh juice (or a pound of raw pumpkin pulp) also has a similar cleansing effect on the liver. Baked pumpkin is also useful.

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