1. For the brain.

Morning nutrition is necessary for our brain to have better concentration and storage of information.

  1. For our immunity.

Scientific research shows that a man accustomed to breakfast is less exposed to stresses and has a strong immunity compared with people who refuse morning meal.

  1. For safety.

According to statistics, people who have breakfast regularly, get into car accidents less than, those who don’t have it.

  1. Productivity.

If you are going to have a hard and stressful day, have a good breakfast and be sure that it will pass successfully. Breakfast provides you with a reserve of energy, which will increase your efficiency by 30%.

  1. To activate the organism.

Do not think that you will put on weight if you eat more calories in the morning. The earlier you have breakfast, the sooner your body wakes up and starts working. Morning calories will never turn into fat, they will be spent without a trace.

  1. Energy.

If you don’t have breakfast you deprive yourself of energy supply.

  1. To control hunger.

American experts say that if you have breakfast with eggs, hunger will be not so strong during the day, and as a result, you will eat less. If you have rice, buckwheat or oatmeal for breakfast, you will eat less fat during the day.

  1. For the beauty.

If you do not have breakfast, you won’t wake up the metabolism and your body. That's why you may put on weight.

  1. In order to start an exercise program.

How to force ourselves to have breakfast early in the morning, when we’d rather sleep more? Try to work out a special program for you and your family. For example, after morning exercises or jogging, your body itself will ask something to eat, as you expended calories during your morning program.

    10.  Breakfast improves mood.

Delicious breakfast boosts your mood. In addition, the morning meal in a relaxed atmosphere helps to gather your thoughts and get ready for a new day.

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