Angostura bitters is a concentrated alcoholic bitters, which is popular all over the world. This mysterious bitters was created by German Dr. Johann Siegert in Venezuela during Bolivian war of independence. Dr. Siegert was a Surgeon General at a hospital in Angostura town. At that time, he tried to create a remedy that could save from fever, fatigue and other diseases. His experiments with the ingredients lasted four years. Dr. Johann Siegert tried many different combinations of herbs and finally created a unique recipe. His bitters quickly gained popularity among the local population.

There was a major port in the town, and the sailors began to buy "Amargo aromatics" ("aromatic bitters") to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness. Since those times Angostura bitters started to “travel” around the world. Later, Dr. Siegert left the army and started producing his bitters, which was very popular.

The exact composition of Angostura is still kept in secret. It is known that one of its main components is gentian. Also the bitters contains bitter orange, ginger, hina, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and many others. Angostura has a reddish-brown color, contains water and 44.5% of alcohol.

The second half of the XIX century is considered the time of formation so-called “cocktail culture”. At that time, Angostura became a great addition to mixed drinks. Its strong aroma and tonic properties immediately attracted the attention of barman. But first of all it was popular for its medicinal properties.


As well as Swedish bitters Angostura has many healing properties, it can be used as an antipyretic remedy, it normalizes stomach activity, increases vitality, improves appetite. It is said that Angostura can be even used for hangover.

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