There is an amazing way to clean the joints, using magic, beloved from childhood tangerines. For this purpose both pulp and peel of the fruit are used. In addition to the powerful healing properties, tangerine also has a wonderful antimicrobial effect.

You should eat about seven tangerines a day. They can be eaten before or between meals. Before you clean the fruit, rinse it thoroughly. Then dry the peel in a dark and warm place. Grind the peel in a mortar. It is better not to use mechanical devices. You can brew a medicinal tea from tangerine peel:

Mix 1 tsp. of ground tangerine peel and 1 tsp. of currant leaves. Pour the mixture, with a glass of boiled water and brew for 30 minutes. Then filter the tea and drink 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day (it’s better to cook fresh tea each time).

The process of cleansing the joints continues during 1-3 months. Even if you start to feel better, don’t stop the cleansing process. Continue to drink this tea and keep to a diet for 2-3 weeks after improvement.

Do not forget about the cabbage, it is the best friend of the joints. Cabbage is good for digestion; it removes harmful substances from the body. Cabbage leaves can be applied to aching joints. They reduce pain and relieve swelling of the joints.

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