Lentil contains almost all vitamins, minerals and essential for our body nutrients.

Vegetable protein (including irreplaceable lecithin) contained in lentil (about 35%) is easily digested. Its nutritional value is similar to meat protein, but contains practically no fat.

Lentils have a high content of micro elements - iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, boron, iodine, molybdenum, zinc, cobalt, B, A - group vitamins, PP (niacin), C (in germinated grains). The content of iron and folic acid in lentils is higher than in any other product.

Vitamins and minerals that lentil seeds contain are assimilated almost completely. They are extremely rich in soluble fiber, carbohydrates. Green lentil is the richest source of fiber.

Try sprouted lentil, it is very useful. Its taste reminds young green peas.

One of the most important properties of lentil - it does not accumulate harmful and toxic substances (nitrates, radionuclides, etc.) And, therefore, is always an environmentally friendly product.

Another benefit of this product - it has many medicinal properties - it is good for the heart, it is necessary for blood, as it lowers blood sugar levels, it improves digestion, immunity, promotes metabolism, normalizes the genitourinary system. Lentil contains isoflavones that suppress cancer.

You can find green, red and brown lentil.

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