Pills or Herbs?

Pills or Herbs?

Pills or Herbs?

When faced with a serious illness, questions such as “what treatment should I choose to buy?”, “Should the entire list of medications that are assigned be taken?” “Should I visit an herbalist and try healing herbal tinctures and recipes?”

In order to make the right choice, we must first understand what is what.

Pharmaceutical preparations (tablets, injections, sprays, etc.) - a drug made in 90% of the chemical elements, preservatives, fats, and other additives. A plus to pharmacy medicines is that they work fast. In short periods of time a pharmaceutical can relieve pain, inflammation, and give people to just feel a certain relief. This rapid response is due to the fact that the chemical basis of medicines quickly dissolves in the body and gives a positive result for a certain time. Why not enjoy these benefits permanently if they are such a good help? But quite often I hear complaints that the pills that rescued people for a long time had ceased to operate or needed to be increased in dose.

On the one hand, this is normal - the human body has the ability to adopt it and get used to the chemical. But on the other hand, it means that the disease has not yet gone and the tablets do not bring a cure, but just temporarily help endure. The chemical composition of the drugs has a positive response, but also has many negative qualities. Each manual has a short description under the name "contra", which may be unwanted consequences. Therefore, they are not always useful and if possible, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of drugs to a minimum. Just revise your home pharmacy and get rid of the drug analogue and find something that can be found in everyday life and is something natural. For example, when you are feeling a heaviness in the stomach, instead of pills drink a few sips of wine. As for herbal medicine, you must be sufficiently informed before treatment. The list of drugs includes: herbal teas, tinctures, oils, ointments. Let's examine herbal teas and how they operate.

A collection of herbs is a mixture of different natural ingredients that have been grown and harvested in a natural way and stored in a dry form. Herbs have a wide variety of vitamins and rich in natural flavors.

Virtually every disease from nature can be used for humanity as medicine. Treatment with natural products can not be held responsible as an option with no negative reactions, as the body might be allergic to them. The action of tinctures and medicines based on herbs may not be as fast as the action of chemicals, because natural herbs not only block the effects of diseases but treat the disease itself. Therefore, the period of treatment with herbs can take longer than tablets and can be different for each person. Every body is different and perceives certain herbs differently. One person could drink the bitter herbs for several days to feel better, while others could take weeks. Very often it is shown that certain illnesses are healed automatically and others that are not even paid attention to. This suggests that the herbs are so multifaceted, that in many cases the results of treatment is not only a full recovery, but also increases immunity, blood purification, and the renewal of health for many organs.

Choosing herbal treatment, you can immediately solve several problems and restore your health completely.

Of course, it will take at least several months, and in some cases half a year. However describing the difference between herbal medicine and chemical medicine,you must see it as an objective review of the question. We can not say that the first method is better than the second method or vice versa, or which would be the perfect treatment for you. Everyone should analyze their own body, its ability to determine the purpose of the treatment, and picking the most effective method with minimal risk of side effects and unwanted activities. Therefore, speaking of treatment, think about the results of what you want to achieve, and what you can expect as a result. After all, good health pledges well-being.

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