What is senna?

Senna is a plant, which is native to tropical regions. The flowers of the plant are yellow, fruit (legume pod) contains seeds. It is wide known due to its laxative properties. It has been used as a laxative for a long time in India. Flowers, pods and leaves of senna plant are used today in medicine. Leaves and root also may be used in some Asian cuisines.

Senna in medicine

In medicine senna plant is used for its laxative properties. It helps to treat constipation, in the first place. Some people use it to treat hemorrhoids,  irritable bowel syndrome. It is also said that using senna plant helps to lose weight. It also helps to clean our body from toxins.

How to use senna plant?

It can be found in tablet or capsule form. Senna also may be a component of a tea. You can also prepare healthy teas from senna leaves at home. Add boiling water to senna leaves for ten minutes and take this tea before going to bed. This tea will help you not only in treating constipation, it will also clean your bowel before colonoscopy. Expect laxative effect in 6-10 hours. If your stomach is sensitive to such remedies, use senna pods instead of leaves.

Side effects

Children until 2 years old, pregnant or breast-feeding woman are not recommended to take senna. Don’t use it daily. It may cause diarrhea or allergic reaction, so consult a doctor before starting use senna plant.

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