Summer Vitamin boom in your freezer!

Summer Vitamin boom in your freezer!

Summer Vitamin boom in the freezer

The tendency to prepare the sleigh in summer is so often not taken into account. Only when it snows are people beginning to remember and to dig them out of their garages and attics. Unfortunately, not all things are available in both summer and winter. So when you have unwritten law about preparation for the winter since summer starts really gets put into work. The human organism has the ability to accumulate a certain amount of vitamins which support the immune system over a period of time. But to prepare for the winter, it simply just isn’t enough to have a lot of fruits and vegetables, since there is no sunbathing and active rest in the warm season.

There are several sources of vitamins and minerals, which you can draw from the whole winter, if these sources have been filled in the summer. For the basement - furling Galicia - dried fruit and mushrooms. For the freezer, frozen fruits and berries. And that is not the last of the resources that are increasingly resorting for the housewife. Twists - a lot of work and place and moreover proved that compotes stored for several months are considered to be unprofitable and not healthy. Dried Vegetables and Mushrooms require special knowledge and skills of how to preserve. In this case it is easier to get them in the finished form.

Freeze Dry fruits and berries - the most easy and reliable way to store fragrances, vitamins and taste of summer all winter.

To freeze enough food for the winter, we need two things - the freezer dry and frozen sea food. Most berries are ideal for this purpose, preferably those that were recently foiled. Freeze fitting can fit almost all types of fruit and berries: strawberries, raspberries, sea buckthorn, blackberries, cherries, mulberries, Agrus, grapes, currants, gooseberries, and many others. There are several ways to store these products in the freezer:


1. Freeze berries without any impurities and additives, pre-cleaning them from the leaves, twigs and debris. Products should be divided and poured into transparent plastic bags in small quantities. Roughly in a package big enough for the whole family to eat from for the day after the berries are thawed.

2. Grind berries and mix with sugar at a ratio of one to one. The best way to preserve fruit is fresh jam in plastic containers. But before use, pull out the tray in the evening and leave thawed overnight.


This method of freeze-dried berries are able to save not only the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins, but little difference in taste and aroma characteristics of them before freezing. Too low a temperature in the freezer does not kill beneficial bacteria and promotes conservation through freezing. To draw an analogy with nature as she wakes up and flourishes in spite of the severe winter, we can better understand how it works with frozen berries.

If the capacity of the freezer is limited, it is recommended to freeze the berries and fruits that are particularly needed by the body in the winter. Namely sea buckthorn, red and black currants, and raspberries.

They do not only just give a chic flavor jelly, cakes and casseroles, but are also often used as an additional ingredient in tea for colds, coughs and sore throat.


Seabuckthorn - has a wide range of curing ailments. Copes with the spring beriberi, a positive effect on the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces inflammation. Well absorbed by the body in the form of tea.

Currants - an indispensable source of vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, B9, D, E, K, P, A). It increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, tones the cardiovascular system and increases immunity.

Raspberry is a berry, about which you can write a lot, because they carry a wide range of vitamins, acids, nitrogen and colorants.

Raspberries contain a large amount of copper, the latter is a part of most antidepressants. Therefore, raspberry is useful for people who do stressful work, or whose life is connected with great nervous tension. Raspberries are traditionally used for colds, flu, joint pain relapse and a number of other diseases.

Therefore, winter people simply need these kinds of berries. They will saturate the body with energy and charge on a daily basis. Freeze Dry Fruits - a chic warehouse which stores vitamins, nutrients and a little of summer in the house.

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