Tips on Creating Your Own Medicinal Garden.

Tips on Creating Your Own Medicinal Garden.


May is the best time to start creating your own little garden of medicinal plants. Plants grown with our own hands help better than anything else. And, most importantly, they are always at hand. At the beginning of the last century in the vicinity of pharmacies there were the so-called apothecary gardens. In these gardens was everything most necessary to maintain health. Today you can hardly find any of them.

If you wish, you can create a small garden near your house yourself. The best place is somewhere in the countryside, at least outside the city and away from big roads. And it is not necessary to go for all sorts of things on the market, where seedlings and seeds are traded at inflated prices. Just take a shovel and a wheelbarrow, go to the meadow and dig out, for example, St. John's wort, oregano, agrimony, primrose, sticky catchfly, bidens, salsify, wormwood, deadnettle, yarrow, and other plants to transplant them into your garden. Consider that the next few years you will be provided with your own garden pharmacy. A bit of imagination and your garden can be quite decorative and even exemplary. You will be able to carry out a kind of excursion around your garden, showing and telling your friends, neighbors, relatives about the properties of different plants. Your guests will get a lot of useful information.



Here is the short list of herbs you can grow on your own garden and their properties:

1. Oregano helps to treat various women's diseases. But it’s not recommended to use oregano in large quantities for pregnant women.

2. Agrimony tea helps with hoarseness and cracking the voice that occurs in singers and speakers, it is good as a choleretic after taking a heavy meal.

3. Primrose can be used along with its roots in the form of a decoction to treat a painful cough.

4. Sticky Catchfly is a nice remedy, which prevents from the kidney stone formation.

5. Angelica is used to tone the body.

6. Meadow Cranesbill reduces different kinds of pain. Of course before using this plant, it is important to know the cause of the pain.

7. Motherwort strengthens the heart. But you’ll have to go on the market to find its seedlings.

8. Sunflower lowers the blood pressure. Ten grams of powdered sunflower petals should be taken three times a day.

9. Marsh cudweed has a slightly weaker effect than sunflower. It grows in the garden, like a weed.

10. Bidens is traditionally used to treat allergy. However, it also can be used for colds, as an antipyretic and for digestive problems. But remember, it should be cut as soon the yellow flowers appear.

11. Salsify is a quite decorative plant. Its leaves look like lily and dandelion leaves. It’s one of the most effective plants in the treatment of kidneys.

12. Thistle is irreplaceable when having low blood pressure. The appearance of this plant is quite daunting - all four sides of the stem and leaves are covered with thorns. But if you collect them using cotton gloves, barbs can be avoided. Thistle is used in case of violations of the pelvic organs and depression.

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