Have you ever wondered why all fruits, vegetables, and berries are of different colors? Do all of these colors play a role for us?

Perhaps nature would be boring and uninteresting if all the fruits were a single color. However, each fruit and vegetable has its own color; which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also carries a special significance. The color scheme is very important for our body. Having knowledge in this area can be used to create groups of certain products for our health, and to determine the color of fruits and vegetables we need more of to include in our diet. So, we proceed to the consideration of the most frequently encountered food on the table. Apples, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, raspberries, strawberries, carrots, beets, and oranges are the most common fruits and vegetables that we see.

If you divide them by color and put them in separate piles based on color, they will meet each other, not only their appearance but as well as their vitamin complex and purpose.

For example: apples, pears, cucumbers - green fruits. With what do you associate this color? This color shows youth, freshness, vitality, activity. That is their purpose for the body. Fruits and vegetables of green color rejuvenate the body, for a refreshing and awakening feeling. They are richly saturated with fiber, so doctors recommend eating more leafy salads, which are also mostly green. If these products are often consumed in the diet - you will have much better skin, looking younger. In nature, the green color group dominates the landscape -  grass, leaves, trees, bushes are among the many. They contribute to the vitality and activity of our daily lives, as well as for the perception of light and our eyes.

Tomatoes, pomegranates, beets, and cherries with the significant red color are very helpful for your blood (raise the level of hemoglobin) to cleanse the body, as well as giving a beautiful blush. They contain many useful vitamins and they are saturated with lycopene, which gives red color and carries a protective function from cancer. These products reduce inflammation and have antimicrobial properties, and is associated with passion, health, and strength.

The color group of orange and yellow colors such as oranges, peaches, and lemons have copious amounts of vitamins A and C, playing an important role for the maintenance of the nervous system, immune reconstitution and a strengthening of bones. Some fruits and vegetables of this color carry a large concentration of lutein, necessary for normal functioning of the visual apparatus. Their composition also includes important elements such as magnesium and calcium. If you notice that you often feel weak - check how often you use the products of orange and yellow.

Food Color 1

The white color group - radish, cabbage, onions, rice, and potatoes too, have much in common in their characterization. Despite the fact that they are not a different and bright color does not affect their usefulness. White fruits and vegetables help to balance the level of cholesterol in the body, due to the copious amounts of allicin. This in turn leads to normal elevated pressure and minimizes the risk of heart attack.

Blue and violet said fruits and vegetables are dominated by anthocyanin. Eggplant, blueberries, and currants prolong youthfulness, are powerful antioxidants, keep the heart healthy and prevent cancer. They also relieve eye fatigue and normalize intraocular pressure.

Unfortunately, not all fresh fruits and vegetables are available year-round. The highest amount of nutrients in these foods can be found in the summer and autumn, because of the warm climate and the sun. During these seasons they are the tastiest, as well as the most ripe and fragrant. Use the opportunity to include this important time in your diet as much as possible with seasonal products, fueling your body with vitamin resources.

It is very important after consuming products to analyze the reaction of the organism. There are products that can serve as a stimulus, or vice versa a soothing factor for you. Psychologists say that each color is able to awaken in a man a certain sense, often times affecting the emotional state. They can initiate the body's enzymes to produce happiness, confidence, and courage. Eat more vegetables and fruits, stay young and live happy.

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