Assorted Black
Tea Bags


Collection of Individually Foil Wrapped Tea Bags is a unique present to all quality tea admirers. In a collection pack you will find four different tea flavors, six tea bags of each flavor.

Individually Foil Wrapped Tea Bags: 64 g (32 tea bags x 2 g each)

Origin: Ukraine

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Splashes of Champagne - Black and Green Tea double energy, romantic accords of strawberry flavor and delicate petals of cornflower are complemented by a delicate strawberry aroma – the magnificent heart of a tea bouquet.
1001  Nights - Perfect combination of the tonic force of Black and Green Tea, apple energy, flower petals tenderness, magic rosebuds and velvet grape accord.
Passion  Fruit - Black Tea satiates with energy, pieces of fruits enrich taste, orange peel and flower petals give a good mood, sweet peach flavor fills the heart with warmth.
Wild  Berries -  The power of black tea unleashes emotions, while rose hips and wild strawberries create a velvet berry flavor with a rich taste of wild berries.


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Assorted Black
Tea Bags”

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