Assorted Green
Tea Bags


Collection of Individually Foil Wrapped Tea Bags is a unique present to all quality tea admirers. In a collection pack you will find four different tea flavors, six tea bags of each flavor.

Bahamian Soursop Exquisite cheerfulness of delicate Green Tea, fine flavor and fresh aroma of exotic soursop are emphasized by the delicacy of bright calendula petals.
Cleopatra’s Night - Tonic Green Tea and fragrant pineapple give you cheerfulness and romantic mood. The delicate taste of tea is emphasized by the refined flower petals accord.
Golden Mango - The energy of green tea, accompanied by the bright taste and festive aroma of juicy mango, gift a carefree joy of relaxation.
Strawberry Marshmallow -  A classic of true Chinese tea, combined with the aroma of ripe wild strawberries, create a harmonious taste of the perfect drink for inspiration and joy.

Individually Foil Wrapped Tea Bags: 36 g (24 tea bags x 1.5 g each)

Origin: Ukraine

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Assorted Green
Tea Bags”

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