Covid-19 Herbal tea


Covid-19 Herbal tea for prevention and symptom reduction.

Herbal tea blend containing herbs that moisturize the respiratory mucosa and increase secretion with a rich lysozyme content.

Weight: 100 gr (3.52 oz)

Origin: Latvia

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The use of herbal teas is one of the preventive measures from Covid-19 and other diseases. Plants that moisturize the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and increase the formation of secretions with a rich content of lysozyme. Lysozyme kills germs.

Vīgriezes leaves - anti-aggregant action
Yellow amolin leaves - anticoagulant action.
Birch leaves - to support liver and kidney function
Lime flowers - to lower the temperature
Licorice root - to weaken the immune response, to promote expectoration
Kalmes root - antiviral activity
Burdock root - antiviral activity

Recommended Usage:
Pour 2 tablespoons of herbal tea mixture into a thermos with 3 glasses of hot water, allow to infuse for 10 -12 hours. If there is no thermos, cook slowly for 10 minutes. Take a glass 3 times daily before meals.


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