Health tea BODY CLEANSE contains herbs with rich content and comprehensive activities. Stimulate liver, kidney and intestinal canal functions.

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  • Chamomile blossoms 0,42 g.
  • Ground-elder tops 0,33 g.
  • Strawberry leaves 0,33 g.
  • Birch leaves 0,31 g.
  • Cat’s foot blossoms 0,21 g.
  • St. John’s wort tops 0,06 g.

Health tea BODY CLEANSE includes:

  • Chamomile blossoms – stimulates the functions of gut, eliminates gas concentration and constipation.
  • St. John’s wort tops – intensifies the function of skin and breathing, discharges more sweat.
  • Cat’s foot blossoms – improves liver functions.
  • Strawberry leaves – stimulates spleen functions where blood depuration occurs.
  • Birch leaves – stimulates kidney functions.
  • Ground-elder tops – purifies articulations from salts and lessens acids in overall body.

Health tea BODY CLEANSE is advisable for anyone as tasty, aromatic and healthy morning drink for good mood and health.


Take 2 tablespoons of tea mixture, pour over 3 glasses of boiling water, keep in thermos for 8 hours , filter. Use as refresher when feeling thirsty.


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