Health tea DIABETES


All in all, health tea DIABETES reduces complication arousal possibilities that are typical for diabetes; in small amount it reduces sugar level in blood. It is advisable to consult doctor before using of tea and control sugar level in blood, because possibly there might be necessity to decrease amount of insulin preparation.




  • Lucern tops.
  • dandelion roots.
  • Blueberry leaves.
  • clover blossoms.
  • Nettle leaves.
  • Bean pod.

Health tea DIABETES contains following herbal mixture:

  • Lucern tops and dandelion roots - stimulate insulin formation in the cells of pancreas.
  • Blueberry leaves and clover blossoms - stimulates sugar usage in cells.
  • Nettle leaves – improves blood vessel condition – lessens blood vessel permeability and fragility.
  • Bean pod – stimulates exit of metabolism end products that allows relevantly lessen intoxication.


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