Health tea FM


Combines herbs which have qualities to prevent development of fibromyoma and mastophaty.



Tea contains:

  • Oval-leaf knotweed – prevents bleeding from the uterus and helps by various gynecological malignancies, even in case of strong menstrual bleeding, which usually occurs in fibromyoma cases.
  • Strawberry leaves – reduces bleeding from the uterus and prevents development of fibromyoma (especially roots).
  • Horse-heal roots – improve the general health of the body and make the body return back to health programme, where the nodes in the uterus and the chest are not supposed intended to be.
  • Lady’s-mantle – contribute to stabilizing hormonal levels in women, eliminating friction as the basis for fibromyoma and mastopathy development.
  • Common yarrow – possesses anti-tumour activity, it also reduces any bleeding.
  • Nettle tops – helps to reduce the growth rate of nodes and demarcate them, helps to prevent possible bleeding and anemia.
  • Garden angelica roots – prevent spasms and pain, and strengthens overall immunity, reduce insomnia.
  • Shepherd's-purse tops – lowers blood pressure, improve uterine blood flow, prevent digestive disorders.
  • Barberry leaves – lowers blood pressure if it’s elevated, promotes bile secretion and prevents gastrointestinal disturbances, slows heartbeat, reduces inflammations caused by the microbes and fungal.


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