Health tea for BRONCHIAL TUBES


Health tea for BRONCHIAL TUBES is suitable for healing acute bronchi and lung illnesses; it heightens body’s self-protection ability.

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  • Marjoram tops 0.42 g.
  • Vetchling tops 0.29 g.
  • raspberry leaves 0.31 g.
  • Chamomile blossoms 0.21 g.
  • Iceland moss 0.21 g.
  • Linden blossoms 0.1 g.
  • St. John’s wort tops 0.03 g.
  • Horse-heal roots 0.03 g.
  • Primula blossoms 0.03 g.

Health tea combines herbs that have following significance:

  • Pine-tree burgeon, primula blossoms, vetchling tops – stimulates coughing up.
  • Horse-heal root and Iceland moss – stops formation of viruses and microbes.
  • Linden blossoms and marjoram tops – decreases temperature.
  • St. John’s wort tops and clover blossoms – stimulates renewal of trachea and bronchi mucous membrane.


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