Health tea MENOPAUSE

Health tea MENOPAUSE
Health tea MENOPAUSE


Health tea MENOPAUSE contains herbs that have abilities to regulate hormone metabolism as well as decreasing of blood pressure and sweating.

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Product Description


  • Hawthorn berries 0.38 g.
  • Dog-rose fruits 0.28 g.
  • Lady’s-mantle 0.23 g.
  • Chamomile blossoms 0.18 g.
  • Motherwort 0.18 g.
  • Salvia 0.18 g.
  • Common yarrow blossoms 0.1 g.
  • Marigold blossoms 0.1 g.
  • Hop spike 0.1 g.
  • St. John’s wort 0.03 g.

These herbs are:

  • Mayflower berries – balances blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Dog rose fruits – stimulates adrenal gland functions.
  • Lady’s Mantle tops – regulates hormone level.
  • Chamomile blossoms – lessens gut spasms and stomach bloating.
  • Motherwort tops – improves heart functions and calms nerves.
  • Salvia tops – prevents hormonal misbalance by lessening pro-lactin level.
  • Common yarrow blossoms – prevents inflammations and calms vegetative nervous system.
  • Marigold blossoms – A vitamin source, stimulates cell regeneration.
  • Common hop spike – contains phyto-oestrogens.
  • St. John’s wort – works against depression.


Take 1 tablespoon of tea mixture, pour over 1/2 liter of water, boil on small fire 5 minutes, filter after 15-20 minutes. For best results use 1/2 cup of tea 3 times per day before meals.


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