Health tea SOFT & EASY

Health tea SOFT & EASY
Health tea SOFT & EASY


Health tea for SOFT & EASY improves digestive processes, ease stomach relief and lessens disturbances caused by hemorrhoids.

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Product Description


  • Fireweed 0,42 g.
  • Chamomile blossoms 0,33 g.
  • Toadflax 0,33 g.
  • Linseed 0,33 g.
  • Cotton thistle 0,31 g.
  • Buckthorn peel 0,06 g.

Healthy lifestyle – nutriment, physical activities and mental peace – maintains normal gut functioning. Digestive tract needs to be examined if, even with healthy lifestyle, constipation remains, flatulent stomach and stomach-aches occur. In the lightest cases, herbal tea can help.

Health tea SOFT& EASY contains such useful herbs:

  • Buckthorn peels – enhances large intestine movements.
  • Fireweed – stimulates liquidization of gut content.
  • Chamomile – lessens spasms and inflammations.
  • Linseed – “oils” guts mucous membrane.
  • Toadflax – prevents inflammations in digestive tract, lessens flatulent gut and spasms.


Take 2 tablespoons of tea mixture, pour over 2 glasses of spring water, boil 3-5 minutes, allow to cool, filter. For best results use in the afternoon irrespective of meals.


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