Krauter Zwerenz German Antioxidant FruitCell

Krauter Zwerenz German Antioxidant FruitCell
Krauter Zwerenz German Antioxidant FruitCell


Antioxidant Fruit Powder by Krauter Zwerenz. A 100% Natural blend of ten fruits and vegetables that provide a wide-range of antioxidant support, neutralizes destructive free radicals and protects against oxidative stress. Six weeks supply, 280 gr.

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Product Description

Fruit powder for protecting the body’s cells

Prevention – Protection – Recovery

herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals, fruit
Communication free radicals for the protection of skin cells, joints, blood, bones and all organs
to strengthen the immune system
for protection against various diseases
to strengthen the body after surgery
for the general strengthening of the body and enhance athletic performance

“Free radicals” – what is it?

Free Radicals- this dangerous part of the cells, which are formed in the body due to metabolic disorders, mental and physical stress, sports, bad environment, exhaust, alcohol, smoking, sun exposure and stress.

Free radicals are responsible for the formation of numerous cellular damage from which can be different diseases, and cancer. Just in the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, memory loss, liver disease from alcohol and lungs from cigarette smoke free radicals attributed a greater role.

Free radicals, the cause of aging and diseases from simple to cancer!

What do these “free radicals”?

They react with almost all substances that come into contact, as well as bodily tkanyo, hereditary substances and cellular fluid of the whole organism. Thus, they react in our bodies, skin, blood, bones and joints. I beg to say, throughout the body. When normal cells are destroyed partially or completely. Therefore, in the division and the formation of new cells as the body is updated, the number of damaged cells is increased many times, the general condition deteriorates, we are beginning to hurt and will age.

“Antioxidants” – what is it?

Antioxidants are their .lovtsy also called radicals “are able to neutralize and eliminate these free radicals. The human body produces antioxidants that act as catchers radicals, and are required to keep free radicals in a limited number. Number of antioxidants that the body can produce is limited, and available is only a small portion of the required amount.

If we would have been provided with enough antioxidants, we could slow the aging process and protect ourself from many diseases that arise from the diseased cells.

Application and dosage

Before using, open the lid and pour located in the package fruit powder into glass. Store in a cool and dry place! The resulting lumps degrade the product.

For better ensure high quality of the body with antioxidants (unless otherwise specified) 2 times a day, add one teaspoon in a glass of water or milk, stir well and drink.

At elevated necessary dose can be increased up to two times.
Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet.
Children are not contraindicated!
Content weighs 280 grams – enough for approximately 6 weeks.


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