Learn how to make your own beauty products at home using only natural ingredients.

  1. In order to smooth wrinkles, apply honey on face regularly.


  1. It is useful to apply castor oil around the eyes overnight.


  1. To get rid of hair loss, rub burdock oil into the scalp.


  1. Use remains of squeezed lemon to apply on your hands and elbows.


  1. Use starch to apply on the rough skin of hands.


  1. Small amount of starch will replace powder foundation.


  1. Use brewed black tea to rub into the scalp for  preventing greasy hair.


  1. It is useful to do body peeling with coffee grounds.


  1. Use fresh juice of sea buckthorn as a mask for dry skin (1-1,5 tablespoons).


  1. Your hair can acquire mahogany color, if you add 3-4 tablespoons of cocoa to the package of henna hair dye.


  1. Massage jojoba oil into the scalp to prevent baldness.


  1. Elderberry flowers infusion whitens, softens and tones dry skin.


  1. In order to moisten dry and sensitive skin, apply on face jojoba oil, mixed with a little bit of water overnight.


  1. To get rid of darkening of nails, drink one tablespoon of cucumber brine half an hour before meals.


  1. To improve the complexion, make a mask from a mixture of honey and salt, which have a rejuvenating effect.


  1. Essential oils of lavender and tea tree is a natural antiseptic that helps to get rid of acne.


  1. Wipe face with tea, brewed in mineral water with a slice of sugar every morning and evening. It is suitable for all skin types.


  1. Regular drinking of mint tea makes face skin fresh and pinkish.


  1. It is useful to apply castor oil or a mixture of castor oil and rum on the eyebrows and eyelashes.


  1. For deep facial cleansing use whipped egg yolk and lemon juice. Apply these components on face in turn.


  1. To soften hands, massage them with a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil (mixed in equal parts).


  1. Before going to bed, apply on face and hands skin mixture of olive oil and lemon juice (mixed in equal parts).


  1. To cleanse the skin, use a mixture of dry oatmeal with water and plain yogurt.


  1. For acne, use a mask of grated apple and a small amount of honey.


  1. During pregnancy, apply cocoa butter on the belly in order to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.


  1. Dilute fresh juice of kalanchoe with water (1:3) and make lotions for allergies.


  1. The National Iranian agent for strengthening hair - mask of colorless henna, diluted with warm yogurt.


  1. To strengthen hair use mask of overcooked buckwheat .


  1. For thin hair use mask made of whipped egg yolk and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.


  1. For hair loss, massage into the scalp a mixture of equal amounts of castor oil and rum (an hour before washing).


  1. To strengthen hair,  after each wash massage into the scalp infusion of nettle (1 tbsp. of dry nettles : 200 g of boiling water.)


  1. To make hair strong and silky, wash it with a decoction of sweet flag root, burdock and nettle leaves (all in equal amounts).

33. Try facial massage with silver spoon: a spoon is dipped in herbal decoctions of different temperature and slapped on the face by special lines. The effect is incredible!

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