5 Things you need to know about your body weight.

5 Things you need to know about your body weight.

5 Things you need to know about your body weight.

Weight control has and always will be very important; and it’s not just because we want to look better, but because it’s a serious health problem for most Americans.

Why is being in shape important?

Obesity is always accompanied by nutrient deficiency in our body. The more excess fat, the greater the deficit of nutrients our body has.

Salt slows down your weight loss.

Even if you are getting rid of your fat, the presence of even a small amount of salt in your diet may make it almost impossible for you to lose weight… and here is why. To dissolve salt toxins, your body needs to absorb large amounts of water, which will substantially slow down your weight loss.

Many people think that losing fat, means losing muscle.

When people start to eat properly, and watch their calorie intake, they begin to lose fat. Because they never knew how small their muscles really are, they think, they are losing muscle. The truth is that your body stores the excess calories as fat rather than muscle.

The only true and healthy way to gain weight.

Truly, the only healthy way to gain weight is to increase your muscle mass. Whereas trying to gain weight by increasing your body fat will lead to a hormonal disbalance.

Two healthy and natural ways to lose your fat.

Counting your calorie intake, and eating fewer calories than you need… these are some of the easiest ways to lose your fat. Another way is to increase your calorie consumption by regular exercise, in order to reduce weight.

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