Peaches might be more beneficial to our health then we think.

The nutritional composition of the peach is extremely useful. It contains organic acids: malic, tartaric, citric; such salts of trace elements as potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Peaches are rich in a great vitamin complex: vitamin C, vitamin B, E, K, PP, and carotene. The composition also includes pectins and oils. Peach pits are very useful because they contain bitter almond oil and famous vitamin B17.

Peach is very valuable product in our diet. The pulp of the fruit is very juicy, flavorful, refreshing, nutritious and easily digested. Peach is considered as a delicacy fruit. It is recommended for children, as well as for impaired persons after illness to improve their appetite. Peaches are necessarily to include in the diet of people, who are suffering from constipation and heartburn.

Peaches enhance the activity of the stomach, improve digestion of fatty foods. These fruits possess useful properties for the treatment of such ailments as gout, rheumatism, kidney disease. Eating peaches is useful for people, who have problems with cardiovascular system, kidney disease, liver disease and gallbladder.

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