Artichoke extract enhances the production of bile. Bile is necessary for lipolysis and protection the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps to remove toxins.

Furthermore, artichoke helps to reduce cholesterol. Usually, for controlling cholesterol, special drugs, statins, are prescribed. Artichoke has similar properties, it helps to break down cholesterol to bile salts. The production of bile influence liver cleaning.

There was a study, which involved 46 people and studied the effect of artichoke leaf extract on blood lipids. Participants were given either 250 mg of the extract or a placebo daily for eight weeks. The results showed that taking the extract raised the level of "good" cholesterol, and lowered levels of "bad" cholesterol.
Thus, artichoke extract helps to normalize the cholesterol level in the liver and its normal functioning.

Studies in the US have shown that artichoke contains a thousand times more antioxidants than any other vegetable. So, this unique product slows down aging processes, boosting us with strength and energy.

What is more, almost all parts of this vegetable are edible: leaves, stems, inflorescence. It can be stewed; pickled; added to sauces, pies, bread; used as a side dish and so on.

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