Bad Food combinations you should avoid

Bad Food combinations you should avoid

Certain food combinations disrupt the normal digestion. The wrong combination of foods can lead to indigestion, fermentation, putrefaction and formation of gases. Because of the wrong combination of food, toxic substance is produces that can be a cause of most diseases, including problems with being overweight.

Here are some general concepts of food incompatibility:

Avoid taking milk and milk products with sour fruit, citrus or other acidic foods. Avoid eating excessive portions of potatoes and other starchy foods. Often potatoes and other starchy food is not digested properly and can create toxins.

Honey should never be heated. Honey is digested slowly, and when it is heated, the honey molecules become homogenized and become adhesive which firmly attaches to mucous membrana and plugs thin wall channels creating toxins. Unprocessed honey - nectar, heat-treated honey - poison. Do not drink milk along with other protein products. Proteins have a warming ability, and milk cooling ability; thus, they interfere with each other and violate digestive fire and create toxins.

Here are some of the bad food combinations:

Milk: cheese, melon, bananas, sour fruits, bread, fish, beans,

Yogurt: milk, cantaloupe, bananas, sour fruits, hot beverages (including coffee and tea), cheese, starchy foods;

melon: starchy foods, grains, fried foods, cheese;

starchy foods: bananas, milk;

honey: hot food;

radish raisins, bananas, milk;

Solanaceae (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers): cucumber, melon, milk and milk products;

Lemon: tomatoes, cucumbers, milk and milk products;

Corn: dates, raisins, bananas;

Eggs: milk, yogurt, cheese, fruit, potatoes.

Especially try to avoid such mixtures as banana milkshake or fruit ice-cream made on milk.


Milk, ice cream, whip cream: the excessive use of such food can increase amounts of mucus in the body, they are difficult to digested, cause drowsiness, decrease appetite, cool your body and can increase susceptibility to colds.

Cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese: the excessive use of such food can increase amounts of mucus in the body and  can cause thirst, heartburn, pollute the blood, increase the acidity and can contribute to ulcer disease.

Ice cream: the excessive consumption of ice cream increases the amount of mucus in the body and can cause blood stasis.

Wheat and Cereal products

White bread: the excessive consumption increases amounts of mucus in the body and dulls the senses, cause drowsiness, increase the weight.

Rise and Oats: the excessive use increases mucus in the body, increases the inertia, can cause drowsiness, reduces the brain reaction.


Potatoes: the excessive use can form gases, excites the nervous system, dries skin, decreases bone strength.

Cabbage: the excessive use can form gases, it is difficult to digest, increases nervousness.

Fatty foods

Sugar, sweets, cakes: the excessive use or use in the evening pollute the blood, creating blockages, increase the weight, contribute to the development of diabetes.

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