Benefits and Cure Power of Swedish BittersBenefits and Cure Power of Swedish Bitters

Benefits and Cure Power of Swedish BittersBenefits and Cure Power of Swedish Bitters

This text was found in books and looks like a translation of old manuscript about the benefits and cure power of Swedish Bitters.

The wonderful healing power of Swedish Bitters mix is taken from the "old manuscript" written by Maria Treben. From reading this manuscript it sounds like there is hardly any illness where Swedish Bitters is not of the benefit, or at least is effective as a basis for every treatment.

IMPORTANT: All stated amounts of Swedish Bitters should be taken diluted with herb tea or water.

(This text is taken from the writings of Maria Treben -  very well known Austrian Herbalist)

If Swedish Bitters are frequently breathed in, the base of the skull is moistened or a moistened cloth with Swedish Bitters applied to the head, PAIN AND DIZZINESS might go away and it can help strengthen the brain and MEMORY.

Swedish Bitters help dim eyes and take away redness and all pain, even if the EYES ARE INFLAMED.

Swedish Bitters can help to get rid of SPOTS AND CATARACTS, if the corners are moistened or a moistened piece of cloth with Swedish Bitters is applied to the closed eye lids.

In case of PUSTULAS AND ECZEMA of all kinds, as well SCABS in the nose or elsewhere on the body, can get healed if they are often and well moistened with Swedish Bitters.

For TOOTHACHE a tablespoon of Swedish Bitters drops need to be taken with a little water and kept in the mouth for a short period of time so the aching tooth is moistened with Swedish Bitters. The toothache soon might ease and the putrefaction can disappear.

If you have BLISTERS ON THE TONGUE or other infirmities of the tongue, it can be treated if frequently moistened with drops of Swedish Bitters.

If the THROAT IS INFLAMED, and the food is SWALLOWED WITH DIFFICULTY. Take Swedish Bitters drops in a morning, noon and evening and they will help to heal the throat.

For STOMACH CRAMPS, 1 tablespoon full of Swedish Bitters need to be taken.

For COLIC, 3 tablespoons of Swedish Bitters need to be taken slowly, one after the other and relief should soon be felt.

Swedish Bitters can help to get rid of the (GAS) and cool the liver, help to heal troubles of the intestines and stomach and can help CONSTIPATION.

An excellent remedy for STOMACH ISSUES, if the DIGESTION is bad or food cannot be kept down.

Swedish Bitters are beneficial if you are suffering from the PAIN IN THE GALL BLADDER 1 tablespoon of Swedish Bitters daily in the morning and evening and at night time. Also helpful to use compresses with Swedish Bitters to help pain disappear.

For DROPSY, take 1 tablespoon with white wine in the morning and evening for 6 weeks.

For PAIN AND BUZZING IN THE EAR moisten a cotton wool with Swedish Bitters and put into the ear. It is very beneficial and can help to bring back LOST HEARING.

For MORNING SICKNESS, 1 tablespoon of the Swedish Bitters with the red wine is given in the morning for 3 days, half an hour later it's recommended to take an hour of walking. Then breakfast with NO milk. DO NOT take Swedish Bitters after drinking milk.

In the last 14 days of PREGNANCY if 1 tablespoon of the Swedish Bitters is taken in the mornings and evenings, it might help PROMOTING THE BIRTH. For easy EXPELLING OF THE AFTERBIRTH, a teaspoon full of Swedish Bitters can be taken every 2 hours, until the afterbirth is expelled without pain.

Swedish Bitters help to expel WORMS, even TAPEWORMS, in children and adults, the amounts of Swedish Bitters taken by children should be according to their age.

For JAUNDICE take 1 tablespoon of Swedish Bitters 3 times daily and apply compresses with Swedish Bitters to the SWOLLEN LIVER.

Swedish Bitters help to open HEMORRHOIDS, heal KIDNEYS, help the body to get rid of all unnecessary liquids without further treatment, helps with MELANCHOLY AND DEPRESSION, helps to improve appetite and digestion.

Moisten HEMORRHOIDS frequently with Swedish Bitters, and take Swedish Bitters internally, especially before going to bed, this will help soften the hemorrhoids.

If someone has FAINTED, open their mouth if required, and give 1 tablespoon of Swedish Bitters.

Swedish Bitters can help to get rid of the pain of SPASM (cramps) with in time.

If woman has MENSTRUAL issue, it's recommended to take Swedish Bitters for 3 days.

Swedish Bitters remedy also helps with white vaginal discharge.

If someone is suffering from EPILEPSY, try giving Swedish Bitters since it strengthens the affected nerves as well as the body.

If someone has FEVER, use 1 tablespoon of the Swedish Bitters, only if other medications are not used.

Swedish Bitters can help preventing formation of the SCARS in case of WOUNDS AND CUTS, if moistened with Swedish Bitters up to 40 times.

If someone had BURNS AND SCALDS caused by fire or hot water, moisten injuries frequently with Swedish Bitters. This can help to prevent formation of blisters.

Use Swedish Bitters against SWELLING AND BRUISES caused by a fall.

If someone cannot eat with APPETITE, Swedish Bitters help to bring back the lost taste.

In case of RHEUMATIC PAINS in the limbs, using Swedish Bitters in the morning and evening can help, also a moistened cloth in Swedish Bitters can be applied to the aching areas.

Swedish Bitters can help to heal FROST BITE on HANDS AND/OR FEET, moistened cloth in Swedish Bitters and apply as often as possible, especially at night.

For CORNS, a cotton ball, moistened with the Swedish Bitters can be applied. In about 3 days the corns might fall off or can be removed without pain.

In case of dog BITES or other animals, use Swedish Bitters internally and by applying cloth moistened in Swedish Bitters to the effected areas.

Taking Swedish Bitters before going bed time, helps to sleep.
If someone is DRUNK, you can make them sober by giving them 2 tablespoons full of Swedish Bitters.

People who take Swedish Bitters in the morning and evening daily, might never need any other medications. Swedish Bitters helps strengthen the body, tone up the nerves, clean blood, take away the TREMBLING OF HANDS AND FEET. Swedish Bitters might take away all your illnesses  and help your body to stay flexible, and your skin young and beautiful.

And much more...

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