BioTrust - Honest Nutrition for your Ultimate Body.

BioTrust - Honest Nutrition for your Ultimate Body.

BioTrust - Honest Nutrition for your Ultimate Body.

One of the hardest things to imagine is a pill that can both give you the necessary nutrients you need, and help you lose weight; two things that can benefit our society greatly. What if I told you that there was a pill that can help you do just that? Established in 2012, BioTrust is a company that creates just that; pills composed of high-quality natural ingredients to help you stay healthy and lose weight at the same time. Founders Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion, famous book authors and television stars, are here to help you slim down and stay that way.

Josh and Joel are users of nutritional supplements, and realized that the market for them is very tricky and deceiving, and found that most of the companies claiming different properties are usually lying about what’s inside the bottle. Realizing that the people aren’t getting what they pay for, Josh and Joel developed BioTrust, a product made from the most genuine and highest quality nutritional supplements available today. They claim that their product is made to perfection, and contain the exact dose listed. The “7-Stage Research and Testing Protocol” is a list created to help benefit your doubts of this unbelievable product:

  1. World class formulators
  2. Using only the scientific dose
  3. All-natural raw ingredients
  4. Raw ingredient testing
  5. FDA-registered manufacturing
  6. Third-party quality assurance testing
  7. Scientific Advisory Board review

BioTrust has many products and so, their price varies greatly. The bottles of nutrient pills cost from anywhere to $49 to $67, while protein boxes and cookies cost from $30 to $40. Buying two bottles can get you a third one for free, or buying four and receiving two for free. BioTrust also has a 1-Year Money Back Guarantee, which allows you to return whatever is left of what you bought for a full refund.

 Although BioTrust has only been functioning for 2 years, customer reviews are excellent and people love the results. With a great tasting product that helps you lose weight, build muscle, and gives you the necessary amount of nutrients (and doesn’t lie about how much product is in the pill, either), BioTrust is one of the best weight-loss nutrient pills that money can buy.

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