Can Swedish Bitters Help Me To Lose Weight?

Can Swedish Bitters Help Me To Lose Weight?

I get many emails from people who want to try using Swedish Bitters or already using Swedish Bitters - that want to know if this product can help them lose weight.

Before getting into details, I want to say - YES! Swedish Bitters can help you to lose weight! How? Well, if a person has a good and healthy digestion, it automatically converts to a weight loss! Of course, a lot will depend on what we eat, because WHAT WE EAT is WHO WE ARE. How physically active we are, how stress free our daily life is, how many hours we sleep, and so on…

But the point is... With a better digestion, your body will be able to work faster and more efficiently; which will be very helpful for your weight loss.

How Swedish Bitters Can Help Your Weight Loss.

The bitter taste of Swedish Bitters blend is one of its main qualities, as its bitter taste prompts your digestive system to secrete juices, such as Hydrochloric Acid and Bile (which improves the digestion of your food). This goes into helping to break down fats as well as enhance nutrient absorption, which will benefit your weight loss.

Take diluted Swedish bitters each time you have a meal, or twice a day so you are digesting well every time and supporting your weight loss goals.


I want to share my own story of how Swedish Bitters helped me with my weight loss goal.

Although I’ve never been overweight, and have always been trying to stay physically active, with my 40's just around the corner it was a really big dilemma for me to lose deposits of excess fat at the sides of my waistline or so called “love handles”. For the longest time I had no idea how to fight fat in that area.

I never really liked strict diet, because I like to eat meats as well as breads and cheeses... So my approach to my goal was running pretty much every other day for a few miles, and going to the gym at least 4 times per week and doing a lot of ab work. Though I was able to feel good muscles under my skin and was growing muscle mass, I was NOT losing my waistline fat.

This is when I decided to try using Swedish Bitters everyday for a period of 3 months and see if better digestion can help me achieve my goal.

I want to point out one very important factor about the use and benefits of the Swedish Bitters. To be able to get the maximum benefit from Swedish Bitters, you need to use it DAILY.

Either in the morning and before bed time, or before you eat lunch and before you have supper. Take only a single tea spoon of Swedish Bitters, diluted with water or juice.

Many people I talked to, take bitters only during the times they feel discomfort, have stomach issues, lose appetite, or their immune system is depleting. I want to say that from my observation this is NOT the best way of fully benefitting from the Swedish Bitters elixir of life!

To really get a full benefit you need to take it daily, routinely for a period of at least 3 month.


For those that want to lose weight and overall improve how they feel without all of the chemical-dumped products on the market and are ready to use a healthy and natural alternative, Swedish Bitters is here to help you along your path of burning through your fitness goals.

After using Swedish Bitters for 6 month, taking a tea spoon 30 minutes before my meals, these are my Before and After pictures... I am now 41 years of age.


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