Essential oil "Kräuteröl 111" from Dr. Sacher.

Essential oil "Kräuteröl 111" from Dr. Sacher.

Essential oil "Kräuteröl 111" from Dr. Sacher.

Essential oil is the content of all types of flora formed in plant cells when exposed to sunlight. It is a source of vitality and power to plants. Essential oils are located in flowers, roots, leaves, fruits, barks, stems and basically in all parts of the plant. The composition of oils include terpenes, ketones, esters, phenols, aldehydes, and others. The chemical composition of them also depends on what part of the plant it was taken from, under what circumstances, the weather conditions of the plant, what time of year it was harvested, etc..


Essential oils of citrus have a yellowish color, chamomile oil a bluish tint, but basically they are colorless. The oils do not dissolve in water - only in alcohol, ether, and other kinds of oils. The solution of many kinds of oils affects human best. It can be used in two ways:


-through skin


-through airways


Since the molecular structure of the oils is not high, they are easily and quickly absorbed through the skin and penetrate through the blood capillaries, thus spreading throughout the body. Therefore, compresses, massages and baths contribute to the rapid adoption of the oils into the body all the useful trace elements, which carry a vegetable oil.


After inhaling aromas of essential oils, the signals are fed to a specific part of the brain that affects emotions, memory and physical activity. When using fragrances in the room properly selected oils can regulate the level of sugar in blood, changing thirst, sleep, and sexual arousal. While the effect lasts only a few hours, it takes effect very quickly - within 15 minutes.

Herbal Oil 111 Inside open


Dr. Sacher's Herbal Oil 111


One of the best oils from plants is considered to be "Herbal Oil 111" or «Kräuteröl 111" by Dr. Sucher (Sacher). It is useful for both inhalation and massaging. This essential oil is a luxurious concentrate of herbal oils based on herbs, roots, berries and other plants from around the world. The range of use is very wide, including help during colds, eliminating the headaches, oil for a massage, and to freshen the air.

Massage with «Kräuteröl 111" mixed with vegetable oil use is recommended after bathing, or after sports. Through rubbing the skin of the body, the body is not only saturated with nutrients, but vitaminize ruet, which softens and gives the skin a nice look and feel. It rejuvenates and adds tenderness.

For a healthy body smell take as a freshener to remove the unpleasant smell of sweat, rub 2-4 drops in the morning after taking a shower, as well as the evening before bedtime, on places such as the chest, neck and back. If you have dry skin and are looking for softness and flexibility it is recommended to rub a little oil in your hands, legs and feet.

When experiencing fatigue and exhaustion you should rub 2-4 drops on the forehead, temples and head. This procedure instantly refreshes the body and cause its tone.

Before sports and travel use a few drops to lubricate your hands, feet at the top and bottom, and again after playing sports or traveling. Applying oil is also recommended for when you’re stretching muscles during sports or sudden movements, joint pain, and any internal soft tissue injuries.

To care for your feet in view of this picturesque part of the oil, it is difficult to find something better than «Kräuteröl 111". Apply after every bath on your feet, pain in the legs and tiredness in the soles, or if you’re experiencing an  unpleasant foot odor.

If you use any kind of oil you should be extremely careful so that it doesn’t fall into the eyes and mucous membranes. Ingestion can lead to painful consequences, so the essential oils should be stored out of the reach of children. «Kräuteröl 111" is recommended for children after 6 years. Before using any oil, it is desirable to put it on a small area of ​​the body (for example on the inside of the hand) and see the reaction of the skin, if there is no redness or other unusual reactions you can use it safely and without fear. The number of times of using «Kräuteröl 111" is not limited, however, to maintain skin tone and health of the body, it is recommended to rub it a few times a week.

The usefulness of essential oils is irreplaceable, no creams and ointments are not able to so deeply infiltrate organs and restore the skin.

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