What are essential oils?

It’s time to find out what essential oils are. First we should know is that essential oils are extracted from different parts (flowers, root, leaves, stem, bark) of a plant by distillation, solvent extraction and expression. They are natural and have many benefits. Do not think that they have something in common with fragrance or perfume oils, which are artificially created to the contrary of essential oils. Also don’t be confused with the word “essential”, it doesn’t mean that essential oils are essential for us and our health. Each essential oil contains the essence of a plant from which it is distilled.

How to use essential oils?

Essential oils are used in cosmetics, aromatherapy, pharmacology and medicine. They can influence our mood, physical, emotional and psychological state. Essential oils are often used to treat and prevent different diseases. Using essential oils in your home is endless: making handmade home freshener; spray for room or furniture; cleanser for dishes; moth, mold and mouse repellent.

Due to their possibility to penetrate deep into the skin, essential oils are widely used in cosmetics. Remember that they are not used internally and very rarely can be used in their pure state, as they are very concentrated and may cause serious irritation. Essential oils should be diluted with carrier oil. Sometimes they can be applied directly to the skin in a concentrated form and used as a kind of spot treatment: use a cotton ball or a q- tip and very carefully apply essential oil to the problem area (acne, pimples, herpes, cuts, wounds). Before using this kind of spot treatment always test the essential oil in a small area of your skin and be sure that you know the right dosage.

Essential oils may be added to the masks, creams and other cosmetics, BUT only to the handmade and natural products, it’s very important. You already know that essential oils easily penetrate into the skin, and if you add it to the cosmetic product which contains chemicals, they will penetrate into the skin too and it can be very harmful and dangerous.

Some essential oils (especially citrus oils) are phototoxic, it means that they may increase sensitivity to sunlight. It is not recommended to use them before sunbathing and going out in a sunny weather.

Certain essential oils (lavender) may help you to relax, but some of them act in another way and have a stimulating effect. So, use each essential oil in a proper time.

Before using essential oils read the instruction very attentive. Pregnant women and people suffering from epilepsy and other diseases are not recommended to use essential oils.

How to choose essential oils?

As essential oils are natural product they can’t be cheap. Don’t use synthetic perfume and fragrance oils. As in the USA the word “pure” doesn’t bear a legal meaning, be very careful choosing an essential oil. Unfortunately perfume and fragrance oils bear very little resemblance with essential (may be only in their aroma) and don’t refer to the process of aromatherapy. There is one more important moment- you may not like the aroma of a certain essential oil, but it may be beneficial for your health. Remember that choosing essential oil is always individual.

We wish good luck in this process!


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