Folk remedies for urine acid diathesis

Folk remedies for urine acid diathesis

Folk remedies for urine acid diathesis

This type of pathology can be caused as a result of a failure in purine metabolism in patient's organism, all this leads to increased removal of urate - uric acid. This material - is the final product obtained when passing purine metabolism. Certain food products are the sources of uric acid, as well as the organism which provides a part of these compounds. The surplus of this product prevents the organism to cope with its splitting and removing from the body, which leads to the crystallization of these salts and the formation of stones and sand.

Therefore, as in the previous case, to treat urate diathesis the folk medicine uses medicinal herbs which have diuretic properties, as well as those which are capable of increasing the solubility of uric acid salts.

This is due to the fact that the herbal teas alter the characteristics of the urine, changing the level of ph alkalinity from acidic to alkaline.

The herbs which meet all the necessary requirements are: knotweed, birch juice and decoction of the leaves of this plant, root parsley, elder's color, root celery, corn silk, asparagus, and a number of other herbal remedies.

Also, in cases of such pathology, physicians sometimes found some flaccid infectious inflammatory processes in the patient's body. Therefore, the general therapy and prescriptions of traditional medicine should take this fact into account.

For that, the herbal remedies include a plants and herbs that carry antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

They are a corn silk, parsley root, grape leaves, root and rhizome harrow, root celery, asparagus, and a number of other medicinal plants. Here are a few recipes.

Recipe №1

  • Take five - six grape leaves (cultural, not wild).
  • Clean thoroughly and get rid of the stalks.
  • Take a glass jar and place grape leaves on the bottom of the jar and pour 175 ml of boiling water.
  • Set the infusion aside and wait until it cools down to room temperature, then drain it.
  • To obtain the most expected result take a half of the received dose after meals three times a day.

Recipe № 2

  • Take a  tablespoon of dried black currant, place them in a thermos and pour glass of boiling water.
  • Close the thermos and leave to infuse for a couple of hours.
  • Drain the infusion.
  • Take this infusion regardless of your meal time. Drink twice - three times per day.

Folk remedies for diathesis in adults

It's important to point out that symptoms of diathesis in adult patients - not an analogue of what is happening in children. The newborn should be prevented from this skin disease. For the adult -it is a kind of forerunner of a number of diseases or, on the contrary, the catalyst which causes them. But in both cases - it is the body's reaction on a specific external stimulus.

Folk remedies for diathesis in adults can be both an auxiliary method of therapy and self-treatment. Here are a number of recipes that will help get rid of the problem:

Recipe №1

  • You can prepare medicinal ointment. Take four - five teaspoons of baby cream, which are mixed with a couple of teaspoons of pine oil, which today you can buy at any pharmacy.
  • Add one tablespoon of sulfur ointment into these two ingredients. Mix thoroughly.
  • The ointment turns creamy with a yellowish shade.
  • Apply in the morning and before going to sleep, applying to the affected skin.

Recipe № 2

The black radish juice is also well-proven to help with diathesis. Adults should drink one tablespoon three times throughout the day. Younger patients should take one drop daily by adding one drop of juice, increasing the dosage to the tablespoon gradually.

Recipe № 3

  • Prepare the herbal remedies by taking in equal proportions following herbs: yarrow, gentian, nard. Combine these herbs, grind and mix them thoroughly.
  • Take a tablespoon of these mixed herbs and pour with glass of the boiled water. Leave to infuse for half an hour.
  • It is necessary to drink 100 ml before meals three times a day.
  • This infusion is effective for the diathesis. It raises immune system and improves metabolism.

Recipe № 4

  • Take 1 kilogram of walnut leaves (dry or fresh leaves).
  • Place them in a metal container, pour over it with cold water, and after water starts to boil, let it boil on low heat for 45 minutes, the container with a boiling water should be covered with a lid.
  • This amount of decoction is enough for a full bath, if you plan to fill half a bath, then use only half of the made decoction .
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