Health Benefits of Swedish Bitters - Schwedenbitter

Health Benefits of Swedish Bitters - Schwedenbitter

Swedish Bitters - Schwedenbitter

Schwedenbitter or Swedish Bitters, Sweden Bitters, Schwedenkrauter is exactly the same remedy or prescription which was found after the death of a Swedish doctor and is considered to be safe, prolong your life and keep you healthier. 

With the use and help of these herbs Swedish doctors grandfather lived for 120 years, his father 113 years, his mother  for 107 years and he himself lived until 104 years of age.

By communicating with the people that buy and use Schwedenbitter and by reading online reviews and testimonies of the people who use Schwedenbitter, it becomes obvious that the Schwedenbitter really has a healing abilities.

The results of the Swedish bitters - this really sensational medicine can be seen in numerous examples:

  1. Smelling the herbs, moistening the head’s skin by putting a moistened patch on one’s head, drives away pains, strengthens one’s memory and banishes dizziness.
  2. Placing a piece of cloth moistened in the Schwedenbitter tincture on your eye lids, will help the eyes inflammation, will take away eyes redness and help clearing the  blurriness.
  3. Sores and scabs on your body might disappear and get cured if to moisten them with the Schwedenbitter tincture.
  4. In case of a toothache mix a tablespoon of Schwedenbitter tincture with a glass of warm water, and rinse your mouth and teeth, it should help the toothache to lessen or even completely go away, depended on a problem with your tooth.
  5. In case of a sore throat take a tablespoon of Schwedenbitter tincture three times per day, also rinsing your sore throat  with the Schwedenbitter tincture is very helpful.
  6. If you have stomach-cramps, take a tablespoon of the Schwedenbitter at each pain attack.
  7. In case of earache put a few drops of the Schwedenbitter inside the aching ear.
  8. In the event of a sudden stomach pain, take three tablespoons of Swedenbitter.
  9. In case of a woman breast pain, moisten the breast with Swedenbitter.
  10. During the menstrual pain its recommended to take one tablespoon of red wine with a few drops of Swedenbitter in the morning on an empty stomach, as well as over three consecutive days. You can have a breakfast after half an hour after, but do not consume milk.
  11. Schwedenbitter helps to cool the liver and can prevent inflammation.
  12. Schwedenbitter can help with indigestion and dehydration.
  13. Swedenbitter can help to open large arteries, can help healing the kidneys, helps with melancholia and sweating.
  14. If someone is unconscious, open their mouth and give them few drops of Swedenbitter, it might help a person to wake up after a short while.
  15. Swedishbitter tincture can help to open gemorroidnye knots inside and outside, can help relieve burning sensation and to expel excess blood. Moist a cloth in Swedenbitter and place it over the gemorroidnye overnight.
  16. If you have temperature, feel weak and powerless take a tablespoon of Swedenbitter. When the Swedenbitter tincture reaches your stomach you’ll feel the pulsation in your stomach and refreshing effect.
  17. Apply Swedishbitter tincture to old and new wounds after having them thoroughly washed.
  18. The Schwedenbitter tincture helps to cure ulcers, deep cracked skin on hands, warts.
  19. In case of insect-stings some drops of Schwedenbitter to effected area might help, if used immediately.
  20. Swedenbitter tincture can help to restore appetite.
  21. If you are suffering from arthritis pain, every morning and evening rub-in Swedenbitter tincture in your lymph nodes.
  22. Schwedenbitter can be used to help with frostbitten feet and hands.
  23. Schwedenbitter can help to heal animal bites.
  24. Swedenbitter can help to get rid of dry calluses, if you put Swedenbitter over the dry calluses.
  25. You can use a tablespoon of Schwedenkrauter before going to bed to help you with Insomnia.
  26. With constant use of the Schwedenbitter tincture in the morning and the evening, you can heal a sick stomach, improve the overall condition of your body and maintain your health.


Its recommended to use 1 tablespoon of the Swedenbitter tincture mixed with 3 tablespoons of water or tea (in the morning and evening).

Always consult your doctor before taking any tinctures, especially if you are taking other medications.


Place all 22 bags of the Swedishbitter into a big glass or bottle with a wide neck and poor over 1,5 to 2 Litter (50 oz to 70 oz) of vodka (you can also use fruit-vodka). Close the container and put it at a warm dry place, shake it softly from time to time.

After 3 - 4 weeks filter the Schwededbitter herbs and place the Schwedenbitter liquid tincture into a glass bottles.

WARNING !!! Eliminate sugar candies what you will find in the Schwedenbitter bag if you are diabetic.


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