Many of us love to wear high heeled shoes that make us slimmer and more attractive. But, alas, they have very negative effect on our feet, as by the end of the day we may feel heaviness, swelling (especially in summer) and even aching. But how can we alleviate these conditions? It is necessary to learn few simple rules which will help to extend youth and health of the legs:

1. If you have to sit for a long time, it is necessary to take short breaks of 5-7 minutes every hour. During the break you should get up and walk around the room for a while. You can do 5-6 squats and forward bends. These exercises will help you to restore circulation.

2. If you take a long walk and feel heaviness in the legs, you need rest. Sit on a chair and give the lower limbs elevated position, for example, put your feet up on a chair. This will create a good outflow of venous blood and lymph, and after 15 minutes you can get back to business.

3. At home, after work, fill a bowl with warm (but not too hot) water, add a tablespoon of sea salt and your favorite essential oil and soak feet for 15-20 minutes. In summer you can do foot bathes with cool water.

4. Alternating shower is effective for heaviness and swelling. Alternate cool (but not cold) and warm (but not hot) water. 5 minutes will be enough to restore blood flow. Always end the procedure with cool water. The contrast of hot and cold water strengthens blood vessels and capillaries, therefore, improves blood circulation.

5. It is useful to make a light foot massage with a special cream after having bath or shower. This pleasant procedure prevents from cracked heels, calluses and odor.

6. Add to your diet products rich in calcium, protein and vitamin E - they will provide the rapid recovery of the body.

7. If the legs are swollen, apply ice to the puffiness for 10-15 minutes (but do not chill joints!). Then, lift your legs above your head (on the wall if it’s possible).

8. Use a special roller to keep your feet above the head during sleep.

9. And of course, do not forget that prolonged walking on high heels increases the load on the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system, so if you plan to have a difficult day choose comfortable flat shoes.

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