Overweight - one of the main problems of civilization. One of the reasons of that - overeating, caused by excessive variety of foods, especially with the addition of large amounts of sugar, fat, flavors. In order to give the digestive system a rest and help the body cleanse, you can choose diet, based on cereals (oats, buckwheat, rice, barley).

Many people are wondering how to lose weigh without any harm for health and organism. Remember that diet should be healthy and prescribed by a specialist. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest and most useful foods for those, who are caring for their health and want to look slim and fit .

The main component of the diet menu is oatmeal:

For breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper - cook oatmeal adding water. Between meals you can eat fruit except bananas and grapes.

During the diet drink at least 1.5-2 liters of liquid: clean, non-carbonated water, green (black) tea. But remember, you should drink only between meals.

Cook oatmeal flakes (for the liquid use water), or just pour oatmeal with boiling water for a few minutes. Do not add salt, sugar or honey.

For breakfast, you can add some dried fruit. If you have a tendency to constipation, it is useful to add prunes. You can also add cinnamon, if you like this spice.

The volume of portions is individual, eat until you are full. Oatmeal porridge is very nutritious, hunger won't bother you.

The duration of this diet is no more than 2 weeks, but if you want to keep to it longer (up to a month) you can also add milk, yogurt, cheese, nuts, seeds, dried fruits to your diet.

NOTE: it's recommended to repeat this diet only in 6 months.


For pregnant and breast-feeding women any monodiets are contraindicated. In case of having chronic diseases, consult your doctor before choosing this kind of diet.

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