Perfect face and neck lift using flaxseed.

Perfect face and neck lift using flaxseed.

Perfect face and neck lift using flaxseed.

With only 12 procedures, you might not recognize your self in a good wayJ because your appearance will be fabulous!

Flaxseed has many useful properties, it’s not a secret anymore and we can find this proven information in many articles on the Internet or printed materials. But unfortunately people these days usually go to the “easier” ways, and use expensive facelift creams that use flaxseedJ Mother Nature and God gave the natural and low-cost “product” to us that we can use to rejuvenate our body.

Cook this lift agent in the morning, and have it ready for you to use every evening.

Pour 1/3 cup of the boiling water over 1 teaspoon of flaxseed, and shake the substance for several minutes. Then cover with a paper towel and let it sit until the evening.

In the evening, on cleansed face and neck, apply thin layer of the substance you made in the morning with a cotton swab dipped in the infusion of flaxseed. When applied flaxseed substance dries, lubricate the skin again and repeat this same procedure 5 times. Please try not to talk or smile during the procedure, so your face does not have any wrinkles. Wash your face after the procedure with clean water, and apply the night cream to your skin.

Go thought the full course of face and neck lift of 12-15 procedures, and you will be gladly surprised how you look!

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