Potentilla Erecta

Potentilla erecta is a perennial plant, which belongs to the rose family. It is native to Europe, western Asia and Scandinavia. The flower of potentilla is yellow. The root is extremely bitter and is used as a source of red dye and is a main ingredient of bitter liqueur, called Blutwurz. Potentilla root also is a main ingredient of anti-diarrheal remedy- Quicklyte.

Potentilla (or Tormentilla) root is also used in medicine. It contains a special component, called tannins, which is effective in treating:

  • fever;
  • diarrhea;
  • stomach problems;
  • bleeding;
  • sore throats;
  • sore mouth;
  • leucorrhoea;
  • cuts;
  • wounds.

The root can be dried and powdered or used fresh. It is said that fresh root can be applied to jaws or throat. Root juice is also useful, alongside with powdered root it may be a part of ointments and plasters and cure wounds or hurts.

Taking potentilla erectais safe, but you shouldn’t use it more than 5 days. There is not enough information about possible side effects among pregnant and breast-feeding women, but it’s better not to use it.

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