Soy (soya) is one of legume species that is native to East Asia. The fruit of the soy is a hairy pod, that contains 2-4 seeds. Soy beans may be of different sizes and color: black, blue, yellow, brown and mottled. Soy beans may be used in different ways: as a feed for animals, for producing soy milk, sauce, oil, tofu and in some industrial fields.

Reading the profile of this product you may see that scientists and nutritionist have many controversial points of view, concerning health benefits of soya. Perhaps it happens because nowadays soy is genetically modified and used in number of products. But on the other hand so beans contain a large amount of vegetable protein, which is so necessary for vegetarians.

Believe or not:

  • consuming soy instead of meat lowers the cholesterol level;
  • it also regulates blood pressure;
  • improves the functions of your immune system;
  • controls the level of sugar in blood;
  • lowers the risk of getting the coronary heart disease;
  • acts like antioxidant;
  • cancer preventer;
  • provides bones health benefits;
  • consuming soy beans protein helps to suppress appetite
  • it prevents from type 2 diabetes.

Soy is also a wonderful source of manganese, phosphorus, potassium, molybdenum, Vitamin B, K, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals copper, riboflavin.

However you shouldn’t consume soy too much, and before including this product to your diet in large amounts consult a doctor. Soya may cause the following side effects:

  • bloating;
  • nausea;
  • constipation;
  • allergic reactions.

We are sure that reading ingredient lists of products you came across one more soy product- soy lecithin (marked as E322).This element occurs naturally in soybeans. It may be used as a supplement due to its high choline content and has a manufactures feature. However, it’s not the reason to use and add it to all products. But anyway soy is rather cheap, so it’s profitably to add soy lecithin to foods. Pay attention! If you have soy allergy, avoid refine oils or concern about GMOs, don’t use products which contain soy lecithin.

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