Swedish Bitters - Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Swedish Bitters - Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Have you ever paid good money for a poor product? How about paid for product that don't delivery the promised results? That's why we have compiled customer testimonials and reviews about Swedish Bitters that would serve you as one of the most powerful trust signals about the product that have been proven to help hundreds of thousand of people across the globe for over 500 years.

Maria October 23, 2014

Great product if you care about your health. Highly recommend using it.

Miroslav October 28, 2014

After doing a bit of research I have an impression that not all bitter is actually made for “health” reasons… there are bitters that are more medicinal and some are used for taste! Yep, that is right! I guess people add them to coffee, tea… you name it, for liquorice taste. This particular bitter is made for more medicinal reasons which in my case is what I was looking for. Also the price is good!!!!.. basically if you use this packaged substance with 1 or 1.5 liters of vodka…. I mean, that is WHOLE LOT of bitter for this price!!!:) After ordering this bitter few times and using it regularly, I would say my immune system is really doing good, liver, heart… I don’t know… I like it!:)

Roman November 10, 2014

Not only bitter is a great product, your website has best prices in USA. I use to buy this same exact product from Ebay for over $30 and some are listing it for $44 plus…. where you are selling it for $21.99?! Thank you!

Jens Demmer from Germany November 12, 2014

My name is Jens Demmer from Germany and I made a lot of wonderful experiences with Schwedenbitter over the last decade.
I read in the news of Brittany Maynard. She has a tumor in her brain and decided to die October 31 in Oregon by free will.

Daniel Chernega April 10, 2015

I’ve been searching for natural immune boosting products for a long time. Frankly speaking I’ve tried a lot, unfortunately my money and efforts to improve the immunity had gone to waste ;-((( I wanted something that really works and made with natural herbal ingredients. My friend recommended me Swedish Bitters and assured in its quality and good results. Of course I didn’t believe any more, but she insisted. Thanks Goodness, she was right and to my big surprise the price was good!!! Now everything in my body goes right! No side effects, no dependence. I like to make the tincture myself and I’m always sure about its quality, because I see the ingredients and even more I can experiment with them! It’s really a great idea to have all them packed in individual plastic bags. I can’t put everything into words, so just thank you for everything you do here!!! And yes, I love your blog!

David, Chicago IL August 6, 2015

Swedish Bitters is an outstanding digestive aid, as well it provides numerous other health benefits, used both internally and externally. In addition to information on this site, there is a whole chapter on Swedish Bittes in an excellent book called “The Family Herbal” by Barbara and Peter Theiss it’s A Guide to Natural Health Care for Yourself and Your Children from Europe’s Leading Herbalists.

Before I discovered WellbeingHerbs.com, I purchased cut herbs for homemade Swedish Bitters from several different sources in the US and abroad. There was little consistency in quality, freshness, potency in formula and it showed in the end-product. The only thing I could count on was the high price, although I don’t mean to be so negative.

What I want to point out about Swedish Bitters from WellbeingHerbs.com is the reliable high quality, freshness and potency of the herbs that I’ve been buying for quite some time now. The 22 ingredient formula is unique, effective and more palatable than anything I’ve tried. (I do modify it slightly by adding a bit of saffron and manna, while cutting down on the Kandis.) The care with which each ingredient is individually packaged demonstrates a commitment to offer only the best. The extra effort shows in everything but the price, their price is the most reasonable I’ve found. So buy your herbs here and good health to you!

Val Komrin October 30, 2015

Just want to say thank you! I am not a fan of writing reviews, but felt like I should let people know this. Not sure what Swedish Bitter has in it that makes a such effect, but I just made my mix, and started taking it daily as proposed on this website. I am a 37 year old male, I lost 7 lb already, without changing my diet at all, and every time I eat, I feel very light…. not hungry, but light. Getting the feeling like everything I eat gets digested really well! Really like how I feel…. That’s all I wanted to let you know.

Autism mom December 26, 2016

I have made the Swedish Bitters from these herbs and found them to be excellent. My son and I take Swedish Bitters daily and using this product is so much more cost effective than buying bottles of pre made SB,
Plus by using this product you have the leftover herbs when can also be used for healing purposes. I am very happy with these herbs.


Vlad January 12, 2017

Have been using Swedish Bitters mix for past 7 years to keep my immune system up and running. Not sure if this is how good Swedish Bitters is, or coincidence, but I just don’t get sick anymore.

Svetlana February 2, 2017

I didn’t know what to expect from this Swedish Bitters potion when I first started taking it. I’ve been exposed to black mold for several years without knowing it and this treatment with Swedish Bitters helped to make two particular symptoms disappear. One of them was night time anxiety- I would wake up in the middle of the night worrying about stuff that was no worry in the day time. The other one was loss of dexterity – I felt like I was in a mental fog and my hands lost the ability to grasp properly and I was dropping things if I weren’t careful. After taking a course of this treatment both of these symptoms disappeared. I am as well taking it on as needed basis to deter cold or flu, and it seems to be very helpful as I think it is boosting my metabolism. I take a sip as soon as I get first symptoms and I can say it’s been pretty effective for that as well as I usually only have to do it once and avoid being sick due too cold symptoms.

Evelina February 16, 2017

A friend of mine told me that his daughter had a throat cancer, and he was treating her throat with Swedish Bitters mix and she got cancer free.

GR March 28, 2017

I had issues with kidney stones long ago, until I met an older man and we started a conversation. I noticed when he was reading he was not using spectacles and I asked how is it that he has such good vision. He told me that he is using Swedish Bitters. He was rubbing Swedish Bitters every morning on his eyelids and he said it would work to remove Kidney stones as well. I went and ordered one packet and made a mix with 2 litres of Vodka, left it for 14 days as recommended and then strained it into a container and started taking a tablespoon every night. Never had stones anymore… its now about 20 years. I would recommend consulting your doctor before you do this since some stones can be large and might be stuck in your tubes which can cause severe pain, infection and even death.

Sabine Allen May 15, 2017

My mother made and took doses of Swedish Bitters since Maria Treben’s book was published in the early 80ies. She is now 96 and still going strong. I have been using it internally and externally and am still amazed at its effectiveness. I wouldn’t be without it.

Vujadin July 1, 2017

The product is remarkable, whether you send it to Serbia and which would be a price for big and small Swedish Bitters.
I wish you all well

Avalonon September 26, 2017

I would rather grow and collect all these roots and herbs myself, but it proved to be way too daunting a project for me. I am soooo glad someone else has done that part for me and all i have to do is pick which vodka i want to use to steep them in, hahaha! I’m sorry they no longer package the ingredients individually but still, i’m very happy with this product!

Frank P Kilderson September 26, 2017

Five Stars!!!

Very good Swedish Bitters herbs.

Wallace November 12, 2017

Planning to use this product… the reviews I have read is enough to say the product is good.
lilian gouws

Reader. Like magic! August 12, 2014

This supplement has done me a world of good. I have suffered from weak digestion for many years. A small sip of Swedish bitters before each meal makes a noticeable difference in the speed and comfort of my digestion. And when I foolishly eat too much, a big sip almost magically relieves most of that uncomfortable bloated feeling.


Corey C. After trying all of the super medicated acne treatments. August 10, 2017

Take a swig in the morning and a swig at night and in a week or 2 your digestive system will be rewired and ready to work properly and efficiently. The 1st week will be rough as it is pushing all of the toxins out of your body and maybe the 2nd depending on your digestive impairment.

When I was younger I used this to clear up an AWFUL ACNE PROBLEM... After trying all of the super medicated acne treatments (Clearasil, Proactive, Acne Free, Prescription Meds both injested and applied) over the course of 5 dreadful years. I was introduced to this by an older lady I worked with who had started using it a few years back.

She told me stories of how her hair had started to become fuller, her skin more vibrant, her nails were healthier looking, her ability to digest dairy had returned and lots of other stuff. In desperation, I said why not? Over the course of 3 months I took a table spoon every morning and night every night. At night I would scrub my face with a gentle foaming cleanser, the brand I used was Kiss My Face, and then afterward I would dab the Bitters on my face with a cotton pad and sleep with it on.

After I few months my face was completely clear for the 1st time in 5 years and virtually scarless. Now keep in mind it will get worse before it gets better as it has to push the toxins out 1st before rewiring a fresh and clean digestive tract. I can't speak more highly of this product! This is not holistic nonsense! It really works and I will preach this product til the day I die.

Neil Shattuck. I love this product. August 30, 2017

I love this product. Unfortunately, I am unable to take it as it significantly raised my blood pressure. After checking with my doctor, it was determined that at least one ingredient has the ability to raise blood pressure in some people. Therefore, would strongly urge anyone taking this product to check their blood pressure as well.

Gypsy E'lan. Working for me. April 21, 2014

I was kind of expecting to see a review from someone complaining about the taste. It isn't sweet and yummy - reminds me of gasoline lol - but it is working for my chronic heartburn. The directions were 1 - 2 teaspoons daily and I started with a teaspoon in a glass of water a couple times a day - that was too much for me because it gave me heartburn, so I decreased it to 1/2 teaspoon per dose and it's working like a charm. I'm glad to read about what other people are using it for. Another tool in my health arsenal.

Lori02. It is now a year and he is doing great. I am so impressed as was my vet. August 1, 2014

I can't say enough about this product. I will never be without my Sedish Bitters. My dog has bone cancer in his jaw and I used it to help shrink the tumor. He was only going to live three months, it is now a year and he is doing great. I am so impressed as was my vet. Arrived promplty and packed well in the box.

Bradley. I've finally grown to like the taste. September 8, 2015

When family and friends try it for the first time, the faces they make are entertaining. That aside it's a fantastic and healthy aid for digestion. Especially after heavy meals or after a night of too many libations. It also helps with inflamed gallbladder. A much better alternative than aspirin or Alka-Seltzer‎, because this just doesn't help the with pain, it's also curative.

Lisa van der Laan. Has been first recommend by the master herbalist Maria Treven from Austria. January 5, 2015

We have used Swedish Bitters for years. Has been first recommend by the master herbalist Maria Treven from Austria. Good for many ailments including but not limited to eye poultice, ear drops, poultices for aches and pains. etc. Cannot do without it.

Lisa van der Laan. Is a product no family should do without - excellent pain reliever. December 13, 2017

As previously mentioned this is a product no family should do without - excellent pain reliever, stops itching. relieves pain of sore throat., use as compress or make a poultice (for sore throat wet old piece of sheet or use gauze wrap around throat, put swedish bitters in spray bottle and spray gauze, or other material, cover with saran wrap to keep compress or poultice moist - cover with dry piece of cloth - swedish bitters can also be taken internally, mix in a few teaspoons of water (does not taste too well but is doable. I add some stevia to it (Pyure) - this is the best tasting stevia without additives and tastes just like sugar. Swedish Bitters also works as an antioxidant for cuts and bruises. It is a steady item in our household - I have diabetes in suffer a lot of itching. Especially on my legs, also neuropathy. the spray bottle comes in handy for such large problem areas *(more economical).


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