The Chamomile for Diathesis Treatment

The Chamomile for Diathesis Treatment

The Chamomile for Diathesis Treatment

This medicinal plant has got wonderful properties. Here are just only some of them: anti-inflammatory and antiviral characteristics, which exert antispasmodic effect on the human body. The chamomile for diathesis treatment is a highly effective medicine, causing fast and quality results.

Recipe № 1

* You will need 2 tbsp of raw materials. Pour 200 ml of just boiled water.

* Brew it in a water bath for a quarter of an hour.

* Then put it aside and leave for 2 - 3 hours in a warm place.

* After that you can take the decoction per oral, drink it instead of tea or use for baby bath tubs.

The Birch Tar for Diathesis Treatment

The birch tar (Pix liquida Betulae) is one of the most ancient remedies, but nowadays it’s better to obtain it in the drugstore than to produce by artisanal methods. This product has disinfectant properties, stimulates the functions of internal organs by reflex irritation of skin receptors and nerve endings. The birch tar is used for diathesis treatment.

Recipe №1

* Combine in one container, mixing thoroughly, 1 tbsp of birch tar, 1 yolk of a fresh egg and 2 tbsp of cream.

* Put it into an easy container and store in a cool place also possible in a fridge.

* The ointment is applied to the affected place.

* The persons who have tried such treatment claimed that the disease has already relieved after the second application.

Recipe № 2

* Melt the swine visceral fat on steam bath and mix it thoroughly with the birch tar.

* Take these ingredients in equal weight ratios.

* Apply it as the ointment on the diathesis spots. Generally the duration of the treatment lasts 4 – 7 days.

The Currant for Diathesis Treatment

This tasty berry is not only storing vitamins but it has got various medicinal properties. We can only mention some of them. Currant has tonic, analgesic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti- atherosclerotic effects on the human body, it also improves intestinal motility. The currant is also used for the diathesis treatment.

Recipe № 1

* Cut 3 small branches of the currants bush. Grind them and add a glass of fast boiling water.

* Simmer it for 8 – 10 minutes more.

* Cool the substance, drain the excess and use it instead of tea. You can give this drink to a baby too.

* The same infusion can be used for wetting an affected place of the skin several times a day. On average, the marks of the disease disappear during 3 days.

Recipe № 2

* Baths of the currants infusions have also shown high efficiency. For this prepare the decoction based on 4 – 5 kg of fresh currant leaves or 1 – 2 kg of dry raw material.

* Fill cold water to the raw material boil it for quarter of an hour.

* Then remove it from heat and infuse for 2 hours.

* Drain the excess and pour the infusion into the bath, bringing the water amount and the temperature to a desired indicator.

The Viburnum for Diathesis Treatment

The viburnum is one of the most beautiful bushes, which possibly grows on almost every yard or a cottage area. It’s used both in cooking and for medicinal purposes. The viburnum can also be used for diathesis treatment.

Recipe № 1

* The decoction of viburnum twigs is a good resolvent, it also increases of uterine muscle tone. Preparing the remedy take 600 g of buttermilk and about 100 g of fresh sprigs of the plant.

* Put the amount into the tank and simmer for 10 minutes.

* Then put it aside and leave for infusing overnight.

* After awakening drain it and wipe the affected places with the medical liquid. The used solution should be warm.

Recipe № 2

* Boil 10 g of a bush bark in one glass of boiling water for half an hour. Drain it.

* Prepare the chamomile decoction in classical way.

* Combine one part of a viburnum decoction with four parts of a chamomile decoction.

* Take 1 tbsp 3 times a day.

The Sea Buckthorn Oil for Diathesis Treatment

This oil is been known for its unique medicinal properties from ancient times. The sea buckthorn oil is applied for diathesis treatment and is also characterized by high efficiency.

Recipe № 1

* Buy 10 ml of the sea buckthorn oil in the drugstore and mix it with 30 drops of a brilliant green. Shake up the bottle thoroughly.

* The mixture can be used several times a day, wiping the place, affected by diathesis. It perfectly relieves itching and taking the problem away.

The Eggshell for Diathesis Treatment

This is an excellent sorbent storing Ca. Experienced young moms often use the eggshell for diathesis treatment even for small newborn children.

Recipe № 1

* Wash an eggshell well, dry it and grind almost to a powder.

* A newborn child should be given the powder with a spoon or in a mixture with water. The portions should be small, like a knife tip.

* Take 1 drop of a lemon juice to the eggshell powder for a better product digestibility.

Recipe № 2

* In this case take the eggshell of 5 eggs. All the eggs must be fresh.

* Wash the eggshell well, dry it and grind to a powder.

* Wash 5 medium-sized lemons, chop them.

* Mix two ingredients and store it in cool place for 3 days.

* Then add 500 ml of premium vodka. Leave the substance in a dark place for another 3 days but not in a fridge.

* Drain the excess.

* Take it 30 ml right before breakfast and evening meal.

* The duration of the treatment – until the tincture is completed.

* Take a break during which produce a new portion of the medicinal remedy.

Repeat the treatment 3 times.

The Decoctions for Diathesis Treatment

The decoction is a drug form which is widely used both in traditional and in alternative medicine. In this article we have mentioned a number of decoctions from diathesis more than once, and we are ready to offer a few more:

Recipe № 1

* Gather roots of couch-grass, rinse, dry and grind it. Take 1 tbsp of the raw material and put to 500 ml of fast boiling water.

* Put the tank on fire and after boiling hold for a quarter of an hour.

* Remove it from the heat, wrap and leave for a couple of hours.

* Drain the decoction and take ½ of glass 3 – 4 times before a meal.

Recipe № 2

* Gather roots of the dandelion, rinse, dry and grind it. Take 1 tsp of the raw material and put to 200 ml of fast boiling water.

* Wrap it and leave for 1 – 2 hours.

* Drain it and take 50 ml 3 – 4 times a day half an hour before a meal.

Recipe № 3

* You need bearberry leaves. Take 1 tbsp of raw material and pour 200 ml of cold water.

* Put the tank on fire and after boiling hold for half of an hour.

* Cool and drain it.

* Use for wiping the skin covered with diathesis spots.

Our nature is rich and its gifts have been used by our ancestors for a long time and a lot of different diseases were defeated due to the experience of our progenitors. Thus the diathesis treatment by means of folk remedies is a reality that should not be ignored. But it is worth to remember that self-treatment can only worsen the body condition. That’s why every unconventional methods of treatment must be agreed with a qualified doctor, such as your therapist.

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