Of course we are going to speak about natural dietary supplements, which include the necessary nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, fiber. We need to consume these nutrients to boost our  immunity and stimulate the normal functioning of all systems of the body. So, we should have a healthy and balanced diet. But you may face with a serious problem, it’s difficult to plan food for each day of our lives properly - lack of time, money or simply will.


MYTH 1: I don’t need dietary and multivitamin supplements as my diet is rich in all the necessary nutrients.

As you know we should eat  approximately 3-5 portions of vegetables and 2-4 portions of fruits daily. You may think it’s easy, but the problem is quality. You can’t check the process of growing and storing of the products and the quantity of chemicals they are contaminated with. If you are a farmer, you can personally control all these processes, but there is another question - how many vitamins and minerals contain veggies and fruits after oxidation and heat treatment? Add the effects of stress, environmental pollution, medications, too much of any harmful substances from junk food, and you will come to the conclusion that your daily portions of food should be increased in several times. It seems quite expensive, isn’t it? However, today we can easily cope with this problem and find additional sources of all the necessary materials for our body - dietary supplements.

NOTE: You can’t replace meal with supplements.


MYTH 2: Dietary supplements can treat many diseases.

MYTH 3: Dietary supplements are the same as medications.

It’s simply irrelevant to compare these two categories of remedies. However, dietary supplements are not pharmaceutical drugs (they do not pass the established procedure for drugs and clinical trials), but there isn’t a sharp boundary between them. One and the same ingredient can be used for the production of both types of drugs. The main purpose of dietary supplements - assistance in health management. It helps to prevent certain diseases, boost immune system, strengthen health, normalize nutritional balance. Dietary supplements do not act directly as medications, they help the body to fight diseases, if they are not extremely serious.

NOTE: Pharmaceutical drugs can not be replaced with dietary supplements.

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Be healthy! 🙂

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